The Secret To Growing A Lemon Tree From Seed Indoors

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Is growing a lemon tree from seed indoors possible? Next time, you’re eating lemons save a few seeds to grow your own tree. Well, you don’t have to throw everything. Just imagine how many lemon trees you can grow from the fruits you just bought from the market.

Even in the colder months, a productive lemon tree can grow inside your home – so yes, it is possible. Lemon trees have an attractive appearance, from their dark-green leaves to yellow fruits. They’re not just another decoration in your home. They can be a great source of vitamin C every day.

Thankfully, growing a lemon tree from seed indoors is quite straightforward. You can do it anytime on a sunny day. As long as you have a corner in your home where it can get access to sunlight, then you’re good. It will take a few years before it bears fruits and flowers but your hard work will eventually pay off.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Lemon Trees From Seed?

It takes about 3-6 years for a young lemon to fully grow into a mature tree. However, it only takes a few months to get a small lemon tree that will look pretty in a pot inside your home. The following are the steps on how to plant a lemon tree.

Will A Lemon Tree Grown From Seed Produce Fruit?

 Can you plant lemon seeds from a store that bought a lemon?

Yes, but you may have to wait for 3 to 6 months for it to bear fruits when planted inside. Meanwhile, here are some steps you can follow to plant your lemon tree.

What you will need:

  • Seeds from an organic lemon. 
  • Organic fertilizer
  • A tray pot or a pot that is about 12W x 24H for seeds to grow
  • A bright and sunny location in your home

Follow these directions:

  • Saturate the gardening soil so it is moist, yet at the same not splashed, the entire way through.
  • Fill the more modest pot with soil, as far as possible up to an inch beneath the edge.
  • Cut open your lemon and eliminate a seed. Eliminate all of the mash from its surface. A decent method for doing this is to just suck on it until it is spotless.
  • Try not to postpone to plant. The seed should in any case be soggy when it is covered in the dirt in the more modest pot. Sow the seed about a large portion of an inch somewhere down in the center of the pot.
  • Splash the dirt that is straight over the seed tenderly with water from a shower bottle.
  • Cover the pot with clear cling wrap, seal the edges with a decent elastic band, and punch little holes in the top with a pencil.
  • Place the pot in a warm, radiant area.
  • Shower on more water infrequently, not permitting the dirt to dry out. However, try not to make water puddle. Simply keep the dirt to some degree clammy.
  • After around fourteen days, when the sprouting arises, take the plastic covering off. On the off chance that you really want extra light for your lemon plant, you can utilize a developed light to enhance the daylight.
  • Deal with the young plant by keeping the dirt sodden, by ensuring it gets no less than eight entire long periods of light each day, and by giving it moderate portions of natural manure like fertilizer.
  • Look after your plant to guarantee it isn’t assaulted by bugs or illnesses. Prune off brown, dead leaves when essential.
  • When the plant grows out of its little pot, put it in the bigger pot. You will go through much a similar methodology when you re-plant it as when you initially planted it. More youthful plants need more water than more established plants, yet they all need sufficient water. Try not to starve your unfortunate plant after so much work of developing it!

 How long does it take for a lemon tree to bear fruit indoors?

How Long Does It Take For A Lemon Tree To Bear Fruit Indoors?

Most lemon trees will take 6-9 months to harvest after being successfully planted. Lemon trees grown indoors may produce fruits even without pollination but the yields will be smaller compared with the ones that have been pollinated. 

In any case, you can use the following tips to care for your plant.  

  • Once your lemon tree is planted, make sure you give it proper lighting. Proper lighting is vital for your lemon tree’s blooms to fruit. Expose your plant to at least 8 hours of sunlight every day. Place it in the windowsill or somewhere in the home where it can have access to sunlight so you don’t have to keep moving it outdoors. 
  • Provide proper temperature. Indoor lemon trees grow their best with nightly temperatures. Place it in the corner that has 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which suits most lemons grown indoors. Lemons cannot tolerate temperatures that are either too cold or too hot.

Can You Plant Lemon Seeds From A Store That Bought A Lemon?

It depends. If you have bought organic lemons, you may be able to grow them. However, if the lemon is not organic then you won’t be able to grow the seeds. 

 Make sure that you read the labels so you get the right kinds of lemons. Otherwise, you can always visit your nearest nursery store. Another option to get hold of lemon seeds is to buy from online sources. This will help you get hold of high-quality lemon seeds that you can grow indoors.

growing a lemon tree from seed indoors is a fun and exciting experience. Especially for those who are plant collectors, you should not miss adding lemon trees to your indoor garden. This will not only give you a beautiful plant but an unlimited source of vitamin C when it finally bears fruits. Plus you can juice your lemon to enjoy fresh fruit juice regularly. 

 Will a lemon tree grown from seed produce fruit?

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