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Hello everyone, and welcome to Indoor Garden Tips.


The thought drives us that healthy houseplants should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we have assembled a team of experts and growing indoors enthusiasts to help our readers love growing as much as we do. This entire project with hundreds of written and published articles is built on your trust.

Our primary goal is to encourage you to think and work, honestly, there is no better feeling than rolling up your sleeves, plunging your hands into the ground, and growing something with your own efforts.

Adding greenery to your indoor space gives incredible freshness, but maintenance can sometimes be a recurring problem. However, we are here to nurture all you adventurous gardeners, and to share our knowledge and experience with you. Here you will find numerous useful findings, tips and tricks, and green ideas for interior design, from various sources.


Feel free to check out some of our articles, we believe they will help you build patience and awaken gratitude and stimulate your creativity.


Paul Mullins