How to Propagate Variegated Monstera?

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Variegated Monstera are the most beautiful variety of this plant. Though they have a difficult name to understand, it’s one that is worth knowing about because these plants can grow up to ten-feet tall if given enough space and light. Their leaves also come in several different colors like white, cream, red or even blue!

Variegated Monstera are a type of plant that is propagated by planting its seeds. The seed must be kept moist until germination and then the plant will grow from the root system.

Why is my variegated Monstera turning brown?

A: This is a common issue that Monstera plants experience. It is caused by the plant being exposed to too much sunlight, which causes it to lose chlorophyll and turn brown. The solution is to move your Monstera into a darker area of your home or outside in order to reduce exposure to sunlight.

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