Can You Grow Mimosa Pudica Indoors? Everything You Should Know

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The mimosa pudica is a unique plant to grow that has special leaves that are very reactive. So, can you grow Mimosa pudica indoors? This interesting plant can make a great addition to your home if you love gardening.

With the right conditions and space, you can successfully grow a Mimosa pudica inside your home. Though they are not the most common plant indoor gardeners will grow, they make a unique addition to your home and make for a great conversation piece. Not only are they interesting plants to have but they are also relatively easy to care for.

What Is A Mimosa Pudica?

A Mimosa pudica is a creeping shrub or short-lived perennial that is native to the tropics of Central and South America. Also known as a sensitive plant, it is a part of the Fabaceae family of plants, meaning that it’s related to peas, beans, and legumes.

It gains the name-sensitive plant as it has a unique movement when its leaves are touched. The leaves of the plant are lined with tiny hairs that are sensitive to touch, temperature, and motion. When triggered, the leaves fold in and the leaves will also fold in at night as part of the plant’s natural defense mechanism.

The Mimosa pudica has fern-like green leaves and purple flowers that are shaped like pom-poms. It typically grows to be 18 inches tall and as wide as one to five feet.

What Is A Mimosa Pudica

Can You Grow Mimosa Pudica Indoors?

Mimosa pudica plants can make great plants to grow indoors. They are relatively easy to care for and can be grown by gardeners of all experience levels.

When grown outside, the Mimosa pudica can grow in hardiness zones 7-13. It is quick-growing outside and can often be used as a landscaping plant, though it can get out of hand if not grown carefully outdoors.

When grown indoors, the Mimosa pudica quickly declines after it flowers so it is typically grown as an annual. Oftentimes, new seeds are planted every year. However, you can also buy mature plants at most garden centers.

Growing Mimosa Pudica From Seeds

Growing Mimosa pudica from seeds is a relatively easy process. To start, buy your Mimosa pudica seeds from a reliable source such as a garden center.

To plant, prepare the seeds by scarifying in the springtime. To do this, scratch the exterior with a sharp knife or allow the seeds to soak in water overnight. Place the seeds in small pots filled with moist potting soil and then cover the seeds with more soil and moisten it.

Place your pots in a warm, sunny location and the Mimosa pudica will generally germinate within a week. Be sure to continue to keep the soil moist for your Mimosa pudica. Once the plants are well established, transfer them to a larger container with drainage holes.

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Care For Mimosa Pudica

Learning how to care for Mimosa pudica is important if you plan to grow these unique plants indoors. While they are relatively easy to care for indoors, you still need to follow the right care in order for them to thrive.

Mimosa pudica plants can be great to grow indoors, no matter where you live. They can make a beautiful addition to your home and their unique leaves that react to temperature, touch, and motion will be a great conversation piece. Even if you have no prior experience with houseplants, you can successfully grow a Mimosa pudica inside with the right steps.

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Can You Grow Mimosa Pudica Indoors?

Water – Can You Grow Mimosa Pudica Indoors?

The soil for your Mimosa pudica should be kept consistently moist but be sure to avoid waterlogging the plant. If the soil remains too wet, the plant will develop rain rot. Water when the top of the soil begins to feel dry and if growing as a perennial, reduce the amount of water in the winter.


Mimosa pudica plants thrive where they can get eight hours of sunlight a day though they can tolerate some shade. When grown indoors, they do best directly in front of a sunny window, so an east-facing window is often an ideal spot.

Soil – Can You Grow Mimosa Pudica Indoors?

The Mimosa pudica soil requirements are relatively simple to achieve. They do best in well-draining loamy soil. They often grow just fine indoors in a standard commercial potting mix.

Temperature And Humidity

Mimosa pudica plants typically grow well indoors when the temperature is between 65 to 75 degrees Farenheit, which is often the normal range for houses. They do well with moderate humidity and you will generally not need to adjust the humidity levels of your house unless it is particularly dry. If your house is particularly dry then you may want to get a humidifier or place your potted plant on a tray with pebbles filled with water to bring up the humidity levels.

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Mimosa plants will generally due fine without any fertilizer as long as the soil is nutrient-rich. However, you can add a high-potassium fertilizer every couple of weeks throughout the growing season. Dilute the fertilizer to half strength and water before adding any fertilizer to your plant.

Container – Can You Grow Mimosa Pudica Indoors?

Plant your Mimosa pudica in a large enough container with drainage holes. If you notice that the roots are starting to peak out of the drainage holes then it is time to repot your plant to a larger container. You may need to repot your Mimosa pudica a couple of times a year.

Can You Grow Mimosa Pudica Indoors? Everything You Should Know

When it comes to Mimosa pudica indoor care, it is relatively simple to care for these unique plants. They have pretty purple to pink pom-pom flowers and green fern-like leaves that will react to temperature, touch, and motion. They are a great choice for gardeners of all experience levels as they don’t have any special growing requirements.

The Mimosa pudica needs a sunny location inside your home to grow. The soil should be consistently moist but not be waterlogged. A standard commercial potting soil will work just fine and your Mimosa pudica will be just fine without fertilizer.

Do you have any questions regarding growing Mimosa pudica indoors? If so, please ask your Mimosa pudica growing questions in the comments.

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