How To Grow Calamansi From Seed Indoors?

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Calamansi is a citrus tree, originally from the Philippines, and because of its beauty, many people wonder how to grow calamansi from seed indoors. Fortunately, you can grow this fruit quite easily if you can control your environment and keep it perfect for this growing fruit.

In today’s article, we’ll be learning how to grow calamansi from seed indoors.

Growing Calamansi From Seed Indoors

Unless you can actually buy calamansi fruit and save the seeds for planting your calamansi tree, you’re going to have to buy the seeds at a store – be it online or somewhere close. If you do buy seeds online, you’ll notice many different varieties.

Most online stores have specifications for every single seed, so you can see how tall your tree will grow and how much fruit can you expect yearly.

So, now that you have your seeds, you’re going to have to remove the outer layer. Some seeds have the outer layer already removed when you buy them online or in a store, while seeds from the fruit still have the outer layer. After removing the outer layer, the clock starts ticking.

You’re going to have to use them as soon as you peel them out of the outer layer. Start by putting them in a damp paper towel and folding it, closing the seeds inside. This is the best way to start your seed.

Put the damp paper towel in a plastic bag and close it, preferably on a windowsill with plenty of sun, so the seeds are warm. Alternatively, you can just leave them near a radiator, but make sure they’re not too close – you’re looking for a warm environment, not hot.


After those three days, you can finally plant your seeds in the pots. Fill the pots with soil and put all the started (sprouted) seeds in the pots. You shouldn’t plant the seeds deeper than an inch.

Cover the soil with water and that’s it. For the next month and a half, possibly even two months, your calamansi tree will start to take form, and after it’s grown a few leaves, you can repot them into individual pots. You probably won’t need all the soil you used in your starting pots.

Make sure to cut away soil wide enough so you don’t cut through the roots of the tree, which will have already developed at this point.


Your calamansi will need you to water it enough to keep the soil constantly moist. You shouldn’t drown the plant, but the top inch of the soil should always be damp. So, you’ll likely need to water it once or twice a week, depending on your climate.

Feel the top of the soil to determine whether it needs watering.

Caring Calamansi

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When it comes to sunlight, they need plenty of sunlight daily – at least six hours of sun. If you don’t have enough sun in your area, you can buy LED lights that simulate sunlight very well. However, natural is best in this case, so definitely put them near a south-facing window if possible.

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The biggest issue for people growing their calamansi trees inside is repotting every few months. Unfortunately, this is the reality of indoor growing – you’re going to have to repot every time your plant gets too big for its current pot.

Pests and diseases

The most common pests that threaten the calamansi are citrus leaf miners, but also the pit scale. Ants aren’t uncommon either, as well as aphids. When it comes to illnesses, citrus gummosis is the most apparent one. None of this will happen, though, if you take good care of your tree.


It will take more than two years for your tree to start bearing fruit, so don’t hold your breath. You’ll know that the fruit is ready to be picked when they’re green – they’ll turn orange and ripe even if you pick them from the tree. Alternatively, you can wait for them to ripen on the tree.

Indoor vs Outdoor Growing

There are a few advantages when it comes to indoor growing – you can constantly keep the environment just right for the plant. However, growing outdoors, especially if the climate is right, can be much easier as you don’t have to repot your plant. Just something to think about when you’re deciding where to plant.

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To Finish

You can grow your own Calamansi tree indoors if you can keep it under proper lighting and water it every week – it likes damp environments. Growing it from seed is pretty easy, but you’ll need to repot it every few months because it gets very big.


How long does it take to grow Calamansi from seed?

It can take up to three years for the plant to actually bear fruit, which is when it's considered completely mature. Your plant is going to reach its adult form after about a year, though. Because of the constant growing, it's going to require constant repotting.

How do you make Calamansi seedlings?

You cut the seeds out of the Calamansi fruit if you have one at hand, and if you don't - you order them online. Then, you remove the outer layer and put them in a wet cloth, leaving them in a warm spot. Your seeds should sprout in about three days.

How do you pollinate Calamansi indoors?

Most Calamansi trees are self-pollinating, so you don't have to pollinate them by hand. You can check this information with the provider of the seeds. However, if needed, you can pollinate them with a q-tip, pushing the pollen from the outer ring to the middle of the leaves.

How do you take care of a potted Calamansi plant?

You need to water it plentifully, as they like damp soil, and you'll need to keep it in constant sunlight - they like to get at least six hours of sun per day. You'll also need to repot your plant every few months, when it gets too big for its pot.

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