What Are The Best Pots For Growing Herbs Indoors?

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So, you are looking for the best pots for growing herbs indoors? Herbs are great plants to have indoors. pots. Plus, it saves you some money in the long run. 

Homegrown herbs are also more beneficial to health. You really can’t be sure how commercial herbs are grown because most of them have undergone chemical processes to grow faster or avoid insect infestation. 

As we all know, when planting herbs indoors, you need to get the best pot. Here are some tips on how to pick the best pots for indoor herbs.

How To Pick The Best Pots For Growing Herbs Indoors?

While many planters wish to grow fresh herbs at home, not everyone has a backyard to create a beautiful herbal garden. The good news is that container gardening makes planting herbs so easy. This is very doable especially for small homeowners or for those who live in an apartment where there is no way to enjoy a great backyard. 

Moreover, the growing herb in pots is fun, convenient, and exciting. It can give your kitchen windowsill, balcony, or patio a big aesthetic boost. Hence, picking the best pot for growing herbs indoors is crucial to your success.

 best planters for herbs

Here are some helpful tips to get started on the right track. 

  • Identify the type of plant you are growing. The variety and characteristics of the herbs you can grow are very helpful in determining the best container for your plant. For example, you don’t want to select a small pot if you are planting an herbal vine. The best planters for herbs depend on your herbs. 
  • Plastic containers are the best for herbs that like most soil. Terra cotta, on the other hand, is best for herbs like dryer soil.
  • Make sure that your container is slightly larger than your plant. It must have drainage holes to allow excess water to flow through. 
  • Choose a shallow pot for plants with short root systems and deep pots for herbs with long taproots.

Materials To Consider Best Pots For Growing Herbs Indoors 

Glazed ceramic pots are one of the best pots for growing herbs indoors. These pots offer the most assortment in shape and shading, which implies they can frequently be utilized as a home plan component. 

These are the most perfect decision for somebody who needs to coordinate with a shading plan in their home and artistic works for various spices. One of the disadvantages is they are heavier, and enormous holders may not be appropriate for galleries. 

Terra cotta pots are conventional, appealing, and reasonable. They are the best planters for herbs that don’t like moisture. The permeable sidewalls permit astounding air development all through the compartment, drying the dirt out rapidly. Along these lines, earth pots function admirably for spices that lean toward drier conditions, like lemon analgesic or lavender. 

 best pots for growing herbs indoors

Plastic pots are well known as they are cheap, lightweight, and ordinarily accessible in a wide scope of tones. The non-permeable material limits air trade, keeping the gardening soil wet longer. They are extraordinary for spices that like sodden soil like rosemary and cilantro. Remember, however, that daylight and temperature variances will influence outside holders over the long haul, making the plastic weak or causing weakening.

Metal pots might incorporate copper, metal, excited, or tempered steel and are strong and smart, albeit costly. Care ought to be taken, however, as metal holders generally don’t have seepage openings. At the point when utilized outside or in direct daylight, the metal can turn out to be extremely hot, raising the dirt temperature and harming the roots. 

Pitch pots are another best pot for growing herbs indoors. They are produced using wood tar and are lightweight, climate-safe, and accessible in a wide scope of completions. They function admirably for plants you move this way and that from inside to outside occasionally.

Best Pots For Growing Herbs Indoors And Herbs To Plant Indoors

So you have finally decided on growing herbs in pots? Now that you which type of pot material you need for a specific plant. Here is a list of herbs that you can try growing indoors. 


Technically, you don’t even need to grow lemongrass. They can just grow anywhere but you can grow in them in a glass container. Just pour water on your container and fill a couple of inches of water in the glass. Then soak the stalk and in weeks, you can see some roots growing.

 best pots for indoor herbs


Chives are very easy to grow, which is why it is the first choice for beginners. After buying the best pots for growing herbs indoors, you can plant chives from already-established plants. Just pull up a bunch of chives from the one you bought and plant it on your container. Cut about one-third from the top to stimulate growth. Then you are done.


Both spearmint and peppermint can grow like weeds. All you need is a great potting mix to fill your container. Get some mint cuttings and stick them on the soil. These plants can thrive in shades but make sure it is in a spot where it can get at least a little bit of light each day.

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A lot of planters love parsley because they are very easy to grow. Through the seeds, it can be difficult to germinate and may take up to weeks, having parsley in your kitchen can be very beneficial.


This spice is effectively over-watered. It likes to stay on the dry side and doesn’t require especially rich soil. A few assortments are accessible. Some are shrubbery like and some are all the more a crawling plant. Pick an upstanding assortment like Tuscan Blue or Blue Spire. These will stay more minimal, settling on them a superior decision for indoor development. 



Of course, don’t ever forget basil. It is a favorite herb for many recipes. You might find it difficult to grow but when you have the best pots for growing herbs indoors, you will have your way at it. Instead of buying from the grocery store every time you need it, you can have it right in your kitchen.

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