How to Transplant Elephant Ear Plants?

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Elephant ear plants are highly sought after by gardeners. They have a beautiful entrance and showy flowers, but they require special care that can be taxing for most home gardeners to provide. Here’s how you can successfully transplant elephant ears into your own garden!

The “elephant ears transplant shock” is a common problem with elephant ear plants. The plant will be fine as long as you follow the correct steps and take care of it.

What does a healthy elephant ear plant look like?

A: A healthy elephant ear plant will have a small, round, green leaf that is about the size of your palm. The leaves are very thin and delicate, and they grow in clusters. The stem of the plant can be up to two feet long and it has a white flower at the top.

Elephant ear plants are a type of plant that is characterized by the long, thick leaves that grow from the top. For this reason, they require repotting every year. Reference: repotting elephant ear plant.

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