How to Root Boxwood Cuttings?

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To get started, you need to prepare the boxwood cuttings. You should select a healthy cutting from an established tree that has been treated with fungicide and is free of disease. Then use sharp pruning shears (or scissors) to take off any bark or leaves which may have fallen onto the roots during transport. Next clean up all soil particles by gently removing them using your fingers until you can see what are root hairs, new growth at ground level on either side of each leaf node. Lastly plant in moistened potting mix and keep warm for 7-10 days before transplanting into their final location outdoors

Boxwood cuttings can be rooted in water. This is a simple process that will take about 3 weeks to complete.

How do you start boxwood cuttings?

A: Boxwood cuttings are started by taking a cutting from a mature plant. The cutting should be about the size of your thumb, and you can take it from anywhere on the stem. You then need to place this cutting in moist soil with good drainage, and wait for it to root.


The “overwintering boxwood cuttings” is a process that can be done to help keep your plants alive during the winter. This process involves rooting your cuttings in water and then transferring them to soil.

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