How to Grow Cleome from Seed?

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Cleome is a hardy annual plant that grows quickly and spreads easily. It also produces an abundance of flowers on short stalks with beautiful blue-purple blooms from late spring to early summer. They are often planted in gardens as border plants because they thrive in partial shade and mixed beds, but can grow up to 2 feet tall when given more sun.

Cleome is a type of flower that can be grown from seed. The seeds are planted and then covered with soil. After the first set of leaves have emerged, they should be watered daily until the plant has reached maturity.

How do I start a cleome?

A: Cleome is a type of plant that grows in the ground. To start one, you will need to find a spot with good soil and give it water every day. You can also put some seeds in your garden or pot and wait for them to grow.


Cleome is a plant that can be grown from seed. Cleome seeds need to be cold stratified before they can germinate. The “do cleome seeds need cold stratification” is an important question for anyone who wants to grow this plant from seed.

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