How Long Do Cut Ranunculus Last?

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The cut ranunculus, has a long history of use in horticulture. In the plant world they are used as top dressing plants or to make floral arrangements look more beautiful. They also have medicinal uses in treating arthritis and other joint related issues.

Cut ranunculus last for about a week, while cut carnations last for about 3-4 days.

How do you extend the life of fresh cut flowers?

A: There are a few ways you can extend the life of fresh cut flowers. One way is to keep them in a cool, dark place for about two weeks. The other way is to put them in a vase with water and some sugar.


The “flowers that last the longest in a vase” is a question about flowers. When cut, they will last for many days, but when placed in water or soil, they will die quickly.

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