How Long Do Crepe Myrtle Trees Live?

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Myrtles are one of the fastest growing trees in the world, with some varieties reaching 50 feet or more. They have a dense canopy and reach heights that can exceed 100 feet. The tree’s average lifespan is between 40-50 years but there are reports of some living much longer.

The “crape myrtle trees for sale” is a shrub that can live up to 40 years. It has many uses, including making essential oils and as a medicinal plant.

How do you know when a crepe myrtle is dying?

A: Crepe myrtles are trees that have a very distinctive shape. The leaves are shaped like a heart and the trunk is shaped like an hourglass. If you notice that your crepe myrtle is dying, it will be bare of leaves and its trunk will start to look more round.


Crepe myrtle trees are shrubs that grow to be about three feet tall. They typically live for about 20 years, but can live as long as 50 years. Reference: crepe myrtle tree roots.

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