Growing Oregano From Seed Indoors – Care, Tips & More

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Thinking of growing oregano from seed indoors? Stay with us and find out everything you need to enjoy this delicious herb.

Oregano is a plant that belongs to a large family of perennial plants and shrubs native to western Asia and the Mediterranean. This hardy perennial plant is a signature flavor of many Italian, Mexican, and Spanish dishes. In addition, it is easy to grow in the home garden as well as in pots.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about growing oregano from seed indoors.

About The Plant

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is an aromatic perennial herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae) which is well known for its flavorful dried leaves and flowering tops. This plant is native to the hills of the Mediterranean countries and western Asia but can be found in Mexico and the United States as well. Culinary varieties (Greek or Italian oregano) have a strong aroma and a warm pungent taste.

Oregano is usually grown as a small evergreen sub-shrub. As for the leaves, it is arranged oppositely and covered with glandular trichomes (plant hairs). The young stems are typically square and hairy and as time goes on they become woodier. The flowers are small and clustered, and the colors vary from white to pink or pale purple. Finally, we must mention that all varieties contain essential oil whose main ingredients are thymol and carvacrol.

 Can you grow oregano indoors year-round?

Things You Need To Know Before You Start Growing Oregano From Seed Indoors

The best thing about growing indoors is that the seeds can be started at any time of the year, as long as there is a source of light and heat that they need for successful germination. The most important thing is to sterilize the material you will use in a mixture of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water before the sowing process. Soak the material for 15 minutes, then set it aside to air-dry.

The Process Of Growing Oregano From Seed Indoors

As already mentioned, oregano can be planted at any time when grown in containers indoors. However, it would be best to start from February to May.

Pay attention to the choice of the pot, a 6-inch clay pot is ideal for this purpose. It is recommended to use moist, sterile potting soil in which you will plant oregano seeds to a depth of about 1/4 inch. Finally, cover the tray with plastic wrap to help promote soil moisture retention. Oregano seeds take about 10 to 15 days to germinate. Once the seedlings have two sets of true leaves, they are ready for transplanting into individual pots.

 Does oregano grow well indoors?

Basic Oregano Care


The oregano plant loves the sun, therefore try placing it near a bright window with the morning sun. If you are unable to, you can help by using standard or compact fluorescent lights as well as halogen lights. Generally follow the rule – the brighter the better.


The oregano plant prefers airy, light, fast-draining soil. Also, your potting soil can be enriched with coarse sand or finely ground granite to provide the plant with everything it needs to be healthy.


Oregano is drought-resistant, which makes it a great fit for growing indoors. Try to water it regularly, but not excessively, and let the soil dry completely between waterings.

Temperature & Humidity

Oregano is a hardy plant that prefers temperatures between 50 and 80 F, sometimes even higher than that. As for moisture, different rules apply because this plant may react badly to the very dry indoor conditions found in winter. It is recommended to put the pot on a tray filled with pebbles to keep moist during the winter.


This herb loves fertilization, so it is recommended to use liquid fertilizer, or supplement the soil with pellets with controlled release. You can even use an organic fertilizer or fortify the soil with compost.

Finally, keep in mind that when growing oregano from seed indoors, it will require more feeding than when grown as a garden plant.

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Oregano Harvesting & Storage

This plant reaches maturity 80-90 days after sowing the seeds, but you can start harvesting leaves in as little as 6-8 weeks. It is recommended to harvest in the morning because at that time the plant has the highest concentration of essential oils. Harvest oregano leaves by pinching or snipping a branch just above a leaf node.

As for storage, you can use the leaves fresh, freeze them in an airtight container or dry them for future use.

 Does oregano need full sun?

In Conclusion

The oregano plant is an aromatic and flavorful perennial herb that is very easy to grow and maintain. This relatively low-maintenance plant is an integral part of many culinary cuisines, such as Italian, Greek, and Mexican. Depending on the variety, oregano can thrive in patio containers, raised beds, as well as in containers indoors.

We hope you found this article on growing oregano from seed indoors useful.  Have you ever tried growing oregano indoors? Let us know in the comments!

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 How long does oregano take to grow from a seed?


Does Oregano Grow Well Indoors?

Oregano grows quite well indoors. Of course, this is only valid if the necessary conditions for growth and development are provided.

How Long Does Oregano Take To Grow From A Seed?

Once planted, oregano seeds usually germinate over the next 7 to 14 days. As for the harvest, it is ready as soon as it reaches a height of 4 to 5 inches.

Can You Grow Oregano Indoors Year-Round?

Oregano is one of those hardy perennial that returns year after year. This is supported by the fact that it has the ability to withstand snowstorms and continue to produce healthy, brightly colored leaves.

As for growing oregano from seed indoors, you can grow it year-round, but it is recommended that you start from February to May.

Does Oregano Need Full Sun?

Since it is a Mediterranean plant, it is easy to assume that oregano prefers sun to shade. Try putting it in a place (window) that has plenty, of the strong sun for a strong flavor.

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