Growing Hyacinths Indoors In Water

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Hyacinths are plants that are traditionally grown indoors, with some amateurs asking about growing hyacinths indoors in water. These plants are beautiful with their bell-like look and their scent, and they add another element to your indoor flower dynamic. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at how to plant, grow and take care of hyacinths indoors.

Planting Hyacinths In Water

Growing hyacinths in water makes for a beautiful display and it’s true that you can make them grow with their roots in the water with very little soil. To achieve this, first, you’re going to have to chill the bulbs. Leave them in a cool room for 10 weeks before you even plant them.

Then, buy vases (one vase for one hyacinth bulb) that have a neck small enough to stop the hyacinth bulb from falling through. You should fill the vase with enough water just for it to touch the roots, as the roots should be hanging from the bulb. The bulb will essentially get stuck in the tight neck of the vase and it won’t be able to move from there.

After you put your bulbs in vases, just place them back in the cool, dark room where you kept them to chill. Leave them there for six weeks, sometimes even less. During that time, the roots should grow to be long enough to completely fill the water part of the vase. You’ll also notice that a shoot of the plant has begun to grow.

The shoots will start to grow rapidly, and once you notice that, you can take your vases to your living room or wherever you wanted to put them, as they now need more sun and a higher temperature to fully bloom.

Planting Hyacinths In Water

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Hyacinths best work together, which is why it’d be optimal for you to group the vases one next to another, creating a beautiful centerpiece.

Caring For Hyacinths

Even though they can grow in water, hyacinths are more popularly grown in pots. There, it’s best to plant your hyacinths in one large pot – when they’re huddled tightly together, they’ll be able to release a stronger scent.

When it comes to lighting – hyacinths want to be in the sun. Don’t put them in a shady spot, as the sun will help them achieve their full potential. They need at least six hours of sunlight a day, so choose your spot carefully. They’re not going to fade away if they don’t get enough sun, but they’ll never achieve their full size, color, or release their scent completely.

Even though you can plant them in water, it would be better to plant them in soil. Ironically, they don’t like wet soil, as it often leads cause for root rot. The soil and the pot need to have a draining mechanism established.

You shouldn’t let the hyacinths sit in wet soil, but you should give them at least half an inch of water a week – unless you live in a particularly wet area.

When it comes to fertilization, hyacinths don’t need much. It’s good to use some bulb food when you’re planting them, but more than that is unnecessary.

Defending from pests isn’t a problem, especially if you’re planting your hyacinths indoors, as the most dangerous pests for hyacinths are rodents. Unless you have mice and rats living in your home, you won’t have a problem with pests. They’re also not susceptible to many diseases.

Caring For Hyacinths In Water

Since the hyacinths are growing in water, there’s no need to constantly water them. You can keep these hyacinths indoors just like regular hyacinths, just make sure that they get enough sun exposure.

With a regular hyacinth, growing in the soil and not in the water, you’d usually dig up the bulbs and store them for replanting after they flower. This isn’t the case with hyacinths that grow in the water, where the best thing to do is to simply discard the bulbs. These bulbs are already spent, regarding their growth potential, and they won’t bloom again.

If you want to preserve the bulbs when you’re planting hyacinths, then plant them in soil instead, as these bulbs can be replanted every fall.

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Can hyacinths be grown in water?

Yes, hyacinths can grow only in water, without any soil. All you need is a vase thin enough to fit the bulb without it dropping to the bottom - fill the vase with water and let the roots hang in the water.

What do you do with hyacinth bulbs after flowering in water?

Unfortunately, these bulbs are a one-time use - you can't replant them in the fall. This isn't the case with hyacinth bulbs planted in the soil, as with them you can just dig them out, store them and replant them next year.

How do you take care of a hyacinth bulb in water?

The most important thing is to give it enough time in the sun. Hyacinths need at least six hours of sun daily, and you clearly don't need to water them since they're already in water. You also don't need to fertilize them at all.

Can you keep hyacinths indoor?

Hyacinths can grow both indoors and outdoors, but it might be safer to keep them indoors as they make quite a feeding opportunity to rodents when they're outside. Make sure to plant them next to a large window that gets plenty of sun exposure every day.

To End

Hyacinths are beautiful flowers that let off a wonderful scent and they can grow both indoors and outdoors. If you’re growing them indoors, you can actually grow them in nothing but water! They don’t even need soil to grow.

This way, however, they’re only a one-time bulb, as you can’t replant them next year (something that you can usually do when you plant them in soil). It’s very easy to plant them and to take care of them when they’re in water only. Hyacinths are also healthy plants that aren’t susceptible to many pests or diseases.

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