What Is The Best Way To Grow Sunflowers Indoors?

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What is the best way to grow sunflowers indoors? Can you grow them indoors? As you may know, sunflowers are typically grown indoors. These yellow-flower-bearing plants can light your day whenever they’re seen outside.

But now more than ever, you may be feeling the excitement of bringing them indoors. The indoor sunflower plant is a beautiful way to keep your home bright and happy all year long. Outdoor gardeners depend on a warm growing season to plant sunflower seed sin the farm, usually after the frost of the year.

When planting outdoors, sunflowers flourish in hardiness zones 2-11. But when growing sunflowers indoors, you can feel free to improvise. So let’s get the ball rolling and explore some tips on the best way to grow sunflowers indoors as well as when to plant sunflowers for best results.

A Step By Step Guide Best Way To Grow Sunflowers Indoors

Step by step instructions to Grow a Sunflower Indoors

In all honesty, sunflowers can for sure develop inside. Below we have covered the best way to grow sunflowers indoors. 

 how to care for sunflowers

1. Pick a Variety

There are a few kinds of sunflowers that function admirably inside. The decision is truly dependent upon you and your taste.

Make certain to think about the contrasts between the assortments. For example, size, watering and lighting needs, sprout time, and the sky is the limit from there.

The following are the best variety that you can choose to grow indoors.

  • Little Becka
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Italian White
  • Soraya
  • Taiyo

2. Select the Best Pot for your Sunflower Plant

Contingent upon the assortment of sunflowers that you decide to develop, the best holder varies.

More modest assortments might be filled in 1-or 2-gallon holders, while the biggest species ought to be planted in 5-gallon compartments. In a perfect world, bigger compartments ought to be 12-18 inches down.

The best shape for the compartment relies upon where you intend to put your sunflowers and how it squeezes into your home climate.

3. Start Sowing the Seeds Carefully

Planting seeds appropriately is a vital stage in developing sunflowers. Seeds ought to be stuck into the dirt roughly 1 inch down.

Make certain to utilize well-depleting soil, and keep it additional sodden while trusting that seeds will grow. Water the seeds somewhat every day.

 sunflower plant

4. Water appropriately.

Once your sunflower seeds have germinated, you will see them growing. Sunflowers only need watering every 5-10 days.

5. Light Fertilizing

You can buy sunflower fertilizer at the nursery nearest you. The best fertilizer for sunflowers is solid type so you can just sprinkle it on the soil.

6. Careful Plant Placement

When you have youngster sunflowers, move them from any place they’ve been developing and growing and spot them in their new “permanent spot to live.”

The best spot for sunflowers is in west-or south-bound windows where they will get a few hours of daylight every day.

How To Care For Sunflowers

Caring for sunflower plants can be fun. Sunflowers can grow with very little care. As long as you place them in a perfect spot and you have the right combination of elements for them to grow, you will have a thriving indoor sunflower plant. In any case, here are some care tips you can follow. 

Give your Sunflower Full Sun.

For best results, expose your sunflower plant to a sunny location. The best spot for them is by the glass window or near the door opening, where they can get a feel of fresh air and sunlight. The recommended sun exposure for sunflowers is 8-10 hours. If your sunflower receives less than 8 hours of sunlight, consider buying a grow light to give them temporary lighting. 

Water Properly. 

It’s wise to use a moisture meter to track how wet your sunflower’s soil is. Ideally, you only need to water your plant in 5 to 10 days. But if the moisture meter goes very low, you can sprinkle water into your plant right away. Just a tip, you can a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of bleach to the water to keep your sunflowers looking great.

Support Your Sunflower Plant with a Trellis. 

A trellis system can give your sunflower the best support it needs to stand upright. When your sunflower starts blossoming, their head becomes heavy causing them to bend down. Since your sunflower is grown indoor, make sure that you also choose a good-looking trellis so it doesn’t make your plant look ugly.

When To Plant Sunflower

 The best time to plant sunflowers indoors is between March and May. Since sunflowers are sun-loving plants, you want to plant them during their growing season, which is spring and summer. However, you can still plant sunflowers until the end of summer and still grow a beautiful bloom. The only con is that they will grow shorter than normal, although they will still grow flowers.

 when to plant sunflowers

Conclusion: Best Way To Grow Sunflowers Indoors 

The best way to grow sunflowers indoors is to place them in a pot. With proper sunlight exposure, watering technique, and fertilizer, your plant can thrive amid arid weather conditions. Placing your sunflower plant inside is also a great way to protect them from the winter snow. 

Sunflowers take around 80 days to reach maturity. Within this period, you can watch your sunflower slowly develop into a beautiful blossom. Take note that there are many varieties of sunflowers and all they grow at a slightly different pace.

 Moreover, growing sunflowers indoors is different than caring for most house plants. However, it is quite possible to grow healthy plants indoors as with many other types of plants. Sunflowers should also be happy growing them, insider. Imagine having lush green, leafy, and blooming sunflowers on your wall. 

The yellow blossoms can create a lively contrast between your walls and the corners of your home. With these tips, you can grow a beautiful sunflower plant for sure.   When you’re ready, you can always buy sunflower seeds at your local nursery or online.

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