Try Growing Soybeans Indoors - Simple Tips That Will Help

Growing soybeans indoors is a great idea if you want to grow some herbs in your kitchen. Moreover, soybeans are a staple for many people’s diets. These herbs are high in protein

Planting Seeds

Start your soybean about 3 months prior to the last risk of ice. Buy a small empty plastic container so you can easily plant it indoors.

Transplanting Seedlings

When the weather gets warmer, you can begin taking your plants outside. Expose them for a couple of hours so they can get some natural light.

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Don’t leave them when the temperature goes beyond 40 degrees.

When you have some soybeans growing, you can start transplanting them.

Planting Outdoors

Plant the soybeans in your nursery after the last possibility of ice. You will need to establish two pots to each stake in your nursery....

Care Tips

Water routinely during blooming and unit development. Add fertilizer to establishing soil ahead of planting.

Care Tips

Soybeans can be planted in compartments 8 inches down. Keep the nursery spotless and liberated from trash...

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It’s Harvest Time!

For green shell beans, the pods are green and plump. They can grow 2 to 3 inches. This is when you can say that the beans are already mature.

How To Store

Green shelled or un-shelled soybeans can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week. You can put them in the chiller or freeze, or even canned.

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