The Musts To Growing Sarracenia Indoors

Are you growing Sarracenia indoors? Sarracenia is commonly known as Pitcher Plants or Trumpet Pitchers owing to its weird pitcher shape. You can follow the details.

Growing Sarracenia Indoors During Winter

The Sarracenia plant is native to North American regions, which is why it can survive during the winter.....

Sarracenia Care

Sarracenia is normally grown outside. They love being exposed to the sun but can nevertheless survive winter for about 3-4 months.

Handheld Sign
Handheld Sign

When you place them outside, they can become taller? The trumpet species like S. Flava...

They feed flies, wasps, insects, and moths...

Pot Size And Quality

Plastic pots are generally excellent for American pitcher plants. Pick the pots that are appropriate for the plant’s size.....

Your Watering Technique

Utilize the water plate technique to water your American pitcher plants. Spot the pot in the profound saucer with water to 1 inch of water level...

Your Watering Technique

The basic principle is to keep the dirt wet in summer when the plant is dynamic.

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Change The Soil For Your Plant

If they don’t fit their pots anymore, you have to transfer them to a bigger pot that can accommodate the plant.

Change The Soil For Your Plant

Transplanting Sarracenia to a bigger pot should only be done during the winter. Transferring them in any other season can be stressful to them.

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