Protect Your Potatoes From A Harsh Winter- Essential Care Guide

Find out everything you need about growing potatoes indoors during the winter and enjoy this treat all year round. Freshly harvested new potatoes are sweet and full of moisture.

Can You Grow Potatoes In Winter?

Of course, you can! Potatoes can be grown in winter as long as they have enough light and are protected from freezes or hard frosts.

Growing Conditions

All you need for success is a proper container and the appropriate amount of light. When choosing a tank, make sure it’s a minimum of two gallons.

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 It must also be well-drained. If you do not have a suitable container, a bag of soil will do its job well.

The plant needs five hours of light a day.

Choosing The Right Potato Variety

It would be good to choose varieties that are suitable for winter cultivation as well as those that mature faster.

Potato Variety

Maris Peer Potato: is ideal for indoor growing. Nicola Potato: the easiest varieties of  potatoes to grow. Charlotte Potato: is  known for its taste.

Planting Potatoes Indoors

As already mentioned, it would be best to plant them in a greenhouse, cold frame, or grow potatoes indoors on a porch or conservatory.

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Indoor Potatoes Care

The soil in the pot must be moist so that the plant can grow healthily and properly. You can also use general-purpose fertilizer to feed them.

It’s Harvest Time

Two to three months after planting, the potato will stop growing and its green leaves will start to turn yellow. Then, it’s finally time to harvest. 

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