Here's How You Can Successfully Grow Gardenias In Pots Indoors

There is no question gardenia is one of the best plants you can have inside your home. Besides they are beautiful, they have an intoxicating fragrance that makes you love them even more.

Why Growing Gardenias?

These plants are irresistible. They are native to South Africa and are sun-loving plants, they are not very easy to grow.


When growing gardenias in pots indoors, you must not leave the soil bone dry. This is a common reason why many people fail in growing this plant .

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However, you should strike a balance between being too soggy and dry.

When winter comes, you need to limit your watering routine.


Unfortunately, most homes are prone to dry air. Especially during the winter, Gardenia plants become dormant because of the air condition.


If you notice that your gardenia is getting sadder, it could be a temperature problem. Perhaps your home is too hot.


Gardenias love acidic soils. So use an acid-based fertilizer. Try to find acidic fertilizers online when growing gardenias in pots indoors.

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Gardenias don’t often outgrow their pots.   So only repot when necessary. Their leaves and blossoms can be sensitive....

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If you’re following these tips carefully, you wouldn’t have a problem with your plant......

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