Grow Your Own Fresh Raspberries In Containers Indoors

Ever wish you could be growing raspberries in containers indoors? For sure you have seen those cute little decorations in the kitchen on Pinterest, but you want to have your own.

Tips For Growing Raspberries

Raspberries need a lot of daylight. The plants should be set in a window that gets six to eight hours of unhindered daylight daily.

How To Grow

Growing raspberries in containers indoors may start from fruits. But first, you need to pick out the tiny, light-brown seeds from crushed berries.

Handheld Sign
Handheld Sign

You cannot just plant the fruit directly to the soil as it will only rot.

Once you have the mature seeds, you can prepare your pot and plant the seeds.

How Are Raspberries Grown Indoors

While proper raspberries plants care involves lots of watering, you should have a well-draining pot to allow water to dry.


Raspberries will require a lot of watering when grown outdoor. But since you are growing raspberries in containers indoors, you need to be careful...


Fertilize your raspberries monthly. The best fertilizer is a water-soluble fertilizer to help it remain healthy and strong.

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When flowers start growing, use a small paintbrush to move pollen in the blooms to the center of the flower...

Common Insect Infestation

Aphids are a typical raspberry bug. They blossom with taking juices from the leaves of plants and will make the leaves and foliage become yellow.

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