Fun Indoor Gardening Idea: Fresh Shiso

Shiso is a must-have thing in Japanese cuisine. Based on the various plant varieties, the flavor can include hints of cinnamon, mint, cumin, clove, and cilantro.

Know The Secrets

The best location to plant your Shiso in the home is in full sun or light shade. Plant the Shiso in compost-rich, well-drained soil.


Keep the dirt simply clammy; set up plants will fill in somewhat dry soil yet will flourish in soil that stays simply damp.

Handheld Sign
Handheld Sign

Put fertilizer or a weakened arrangement of fish emulsion each 3 or a month during the developing season.

Cut the tips to keep the Shiso bushy.

Winter Care

Shiso is a delicate yearly that won’t fill outside in winter. Develop plants in pots inside in winter. Spot plants in a brilliant window.

When To Harvest

You can harvest Shiso best using scissors or shears. It is important to cutter growth evenly as they can be sensitive and won’t grow shoots. 

What Are The Benefits?

It serves as an anti-allergy and antiviral. Shiso serves as an antioxidant and antibacterial herb. It helps regulate oxygen in your body.

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Drying Shiso Plant

Shiso is utilized in a huge number of culinary dishes across the world, prominently Vietnamese summer rolls and in a frozen sweet called granita.

Instructions To Dry Shiso

Tying its branches and putting them in a paper pack. In a food dehydrator, preheat it to 125 degrees F.

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