Fantastic Dwarf Fig Tree Types - Grow & Care Guide

Now, that you’re here we can guess that you are looking for tips on growing dwarf fig trees indoors successfully. Since they are cold-hardy, they are dormant during the winter.

Types of Fig Tree

· Black Jack- mission figs · Brown Turkey- versatile · Celeste- violet-bronze skin · Desert King- cooler regions · Osborn Prolific- touched pink

Growing Dwarf Fig Trees

Growing a fig tree inside will be a bit challenging. You need to be patient as you may experience a couple of failures before success.

Handheld Sign
Handheld Sign

Fiddle-leaf figs require splendid, separated light to develop and put their best self forward

Guarantee that the dirt depletes well.


On the off chance that the plant doesn’t get sufficient water, its leaves will wither and lose their radiant green tone.

Temperature and Humidity

Fiddle-leaf figs don’t care for outrageous temperature variances. A room that is somewhere in the range of 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit is fine.


There are composts uncommonly made for fiddle-leaf figs accessible, so you will not need to take care of your plant over the colder time of year.

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Propagating Tips

1. Cut the stem with sharp shears. 2. Place the cutting in a clean vase with water. 3. Fill the pot with good potting soil and water until damp. 

Growing in Containers

Be mindful of the containers you will be using. When the plant has matured, it probably will be too enormous to even consider re-potting.

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