Essentials To Growing Black Pepper Plants Indoors

Growing black pepper plants indoors is a good idea. Especially if you use black pepper a lot for cooking, having your plant will have you an unlimited supply of natural pepper.

All About the Black Pepper Plant

Pepper is a very popular spice not just in India but throughout the world. It is often paired with salt and can be found on almost every household’s. 

 Light Requirements

In its local propensity for southern India, Black Pepper is an understory plant that ascensions up trees and fills in dappled light.

Handheld Sign
Handheld Sign

When developed as a houseplant, it needs moderate light in an east or west window.

It benefits from some immediate daylight.

Optimal Temperature

On the off chance that you are hoping to streamline your blossoming and fruiting, giving daytime temperatures above 70°F (20°C) is great.


The little white blossom’s structure pendulous spikes and afterward little, round, green peppercorns structure in chains, which in time mature to red.

Tips for Growing

Mulch the soil well.  Water carefully.  Don’t leave the water bone dry. Use the right fertilizer. Always check for pests.

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Harvesting It

So how do you know when to harvest your black pepper? When harvesting your black pepper, you don’t need to wait until all berries have matured.

Harvesting It

Look closely at the spikes on your black pepper plant. You need to pick any that have mostly green berries, with 1-2 berries turning brighter color.

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