Aromatic Bay Laurel Are A Must Try For Indoor Plants- Grow Guide

Growing bay laurel indoors gives you unlimited access to the herbs whenever you need them for your recipe. In truth, there are many recipes where bay laurel is an important ingredient.

What Is Bay Leaf Plant?

Also known as sweet bay or laurel, bay laurel, bay leaf is an enduring evergreen in the Lauraceae family that is local to the Mediterranean area.

Guide In Growing

Bay Laurel can survive in cold-weather regions. It is categorized as USDA hardiness zones 8-11. For these regions, you can grow the plant outside.

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However, for zones 4-5 which are colder and harsher, you can grow the bay feal in a container.

We recommend,  that you plant them during the warm months.

Growing Bay Laurel Indoors

Take a branch of your laurel and bend it down to the gardening soil. Utilize a piece of wire or metal stakes to secure the stem to the growing media.

The Best Pot

To help maintain the balance between adequate soil moisture, select a container that is plastic. A fiberglass container is also a perfect fit.

Care and Harvesting

The bay laurel tree is a beautiful plant when developed inside. So give it great consideration and try growing it.

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To accomplish the lavish foliage on sound trees make a point to place them in an area that gets full sun to half shade.


Bay laurel tree is to some degree not interested in changes in temperatures, as long as they are above freezing and stay underneath 90℉......

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