6 Secrets To Grow Fresh Fruity Clementine Trees Indoors


Growing clementine trees indoors is a wise choice for home gardeners. But whether it is your first time gardening or you are an avid planter, you will be going to love having it.

Tips In Growing

Set the tree close to a window to get full sun exposure. “Clementine” leaves yellow and the tree neglects the natural product without adequate sun.

Tips In Growing

You have to teel the soil in the pot every day. Then water when the main 1 inch starts to feel dry. Pour water onto the dirt with a watering...

Handheld Sign
Handheld Sign

Treat indoor pruned Clementines all year with fertilizer. The 13-7-13 mix would be ideal.

Trim off any suckers that develop along with the pot.

Growing Clementine Trees Indoors

Clementine oranges are generally grown from seeds. These plants can grow high but you can graft them. Grafted clementine are those dwarf oranges...

Clementine Tree Care

– Easy-to-peel fruit – Virtually seedless fruit – Pest resistant – Great houseplants – Can fruit in the first to third year – Fruit ripens early.

How Does It Look?

Clementine trees have around and glossy canopy of dark green leaves. It keeps its colors all year round, which makes them attractive.

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Common Problems

The most common issue with growing clementine trees indoors is yellowing leaves. The reason for this is the absence of daylight.

Common Problems

Note that these trees are not tolerant to cold. So, if the weather is cold or it is about to change a season, you need to move your tree indoor.

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