4 Steps To Grow Rose Of Sharon Indoors


Growing rose of Sharon indoors is quite possible. The reason why many gardeners love this succulent variety is the beauty it shows off.


The Rose of Sharon needs at least four hours of direct daylight to create its best blossoms. South-bound windows are its most ideal indoor situation.

Soil Requirement

Roses of Sharon are tough and are not critical with regards to soil. They can develop planted in helpless soil, sand, earth, and topsoil.

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Notwithstanding, they are most joyful in well-depleting, supplement-rich soil.

They aren’t specific with regards to pH levels and can do well anyplace....

Temperature And Humidity

In contrast to tropical hibiscus, the Rose of Sharon can withstand cold temperatures, enduring conditions as cold as – 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

From Cuttings

The best way to grow Rose of Sharon is through cuttings. This is because these plants are sterile and seedless.

Get Some Cuttings

Take your Rose of Sharon cuttings early in the same summer that you plan on planting them. There is no guarantee that your cuttings will survive.

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Cut The Correct Length

Take about 5 to 10 inches from newer stem. Choose a part that is not too hard. Cut at a 45-degree angle. Then prune it.....

Place It Into The Right Preparing Blend

Your cuttings might be defenseless to contamination whenever planted in fertilized soil during the proliferation stage.

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