How to Propagate Scented Geraniums?

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Geraniums are beautiful plants that you can grow in your home, but they require special care to survive. These easy steps will help ensure the spread of these incredible flowers.

Geraniums are a popular plant that can be propagated by cuttings. They will also propagate through seeds, but the process is much more difficult. To propagate geraniums, you can put them in water and let them sit for about an hour. After an hour, the roots should have grown enough to be able to stick out of the water. Then, you can remove the geranium from the water and place it in soil.

How do you multiply geraniums?

A: To multiply geraniums, you would need to take a cutting from the mother plant and then replant it. The cutting should be about six inches long with at least three leaves on it. You should also make sure that the soil is moist before planting.


Scented geraniums are a great way to add color and scent to your garden. They can be propagated by taking cuttings or dividing them in the spring. Reference: how to overwinter scented geraniums.

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