How To Grow a Peach From Seed Indoors

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Peaches are one of the most popular fruits in the world, with many gardeners wondering how to grow a peach from seed indoors. Even though it’s probably impossible to grow the entire peach tree indoors (unless you choose a dwarf variety), you can start the tree indoors and then move it outside once it’s grown enough.

In today’s article, we’ll see whether you can grow a peach tree inside and learn how to do it!

Can You Grow Peaches Indoors?

Yes, you can grow peaches indoors, but you need to choose a dwarf variety. As you surely know, peaches aren’t small trees when they reach their full size, so you definitely can’t grow them inside. There are dwarf varieties that are small enough to be safely grown inside, and that’s an option.

Can You Grow Peaches Indoors

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What You Will Need To Grow Peach Indoors


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  • a peach pit or an established stem
  • standard potting soil
  • water

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1 – Choosing The Location

You should always try to get the maximum out of sunlight if possible. Peaches love the sun and they need more than six hours of sunlight a day. That’s why you should always have them facing an eastern or western window. If that isn’t possible, you’ll need to invest in LED lights.

LED lights have become advanced enough to accurately simulate sunlight, at least enough to propagate growth in plants. Indoor peaches will grow just as well with LED lights and sunlight. Aside from light, there are no particular concerns about placement.

Step 2 – Starting Your Plant

According to experts, you should start your plant from a stem cutting, rather than from a peach pit (which is effectively the seed of the peach). The reason behind this is the actual product. However, if you only care about the plant and you don’t care about actually eating the peaches, then there’s no reason not to start a peach from seed.

We’ll explain both methods. Firstly, if you’re starting a plant from a stem cutting, just cut a few shoots, remove the lower leaves, and put them in three inches of water. They should stay on a windowsill covered by sunlight with you changing the water twice a week. This process will help the roots to emerge, after which you can transplant them into actual soil in your pot.

When it comes to starting your peaches from seed, it’s best to cut your pit open with a knife, pull out the center stone and wash it. Now, this process is much more complicated than starting your plant from a cutting because of what comes next. You need to stratify the seed. This is a natural process and you won’t be able to grow a peach without it.

Put your stone and sphagnum moss into a plastic bag and refrigerate them for two whole months. After that, you can take the stone out and let it rest at room temperature.

Step 3 – Planting

To plant your peach, clean the pot and add soil to it before you add the seed. You should stick the stone an inch into the soil.

When you’re planting a cutting from another plant, you need to take your roots out of the water and add them to the pot. If they fit nicely, simply cover them up with soil and you’re done. After that, you just need to water them plentifully.

In both scenarios, you need to keep the pot in a relatively warm area – about 70 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature.

Step 4 – Caring For Your Peach

Your peach won’t survive without at least six hours of sunlight a day. If you can’t provide that naturally, then you’ll need to buy artificial lighting. Most gardening stores have high-end lights that can simulate sunlight very well, so make sure to get lights that can simulate at least six hours of sunlight in a day.

If you can provide your plants with over twelve hours of sunlight a day, that’d be even better as they’ll grow even quicker.

You also need to simulate a cold environment once a year. Your peach should spend at least 100 hours in a colder environment (about 35 degrees) to start fruit. This is a natural process and fruit can’t grow without it.

Tips and Tricks

Pollinate your peach by shaking the tree and using a paintbrush to move the pollen – you’ll get much more fruits this way!

Your peach tree container size directly correlates to the size of your peach – your peach tree will only grow as large as the container allows it to grow.

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To Sum Up

Even though large peaches can’t be grown indoors because they don’t fit – small varieties (so-called ‘dwarf’ varieties) are capable of growing indoors without causing too much trouble. You can grow them from both seed and cutting, but growing them from cuttings is much easier and it makes for tastier fruit!


Which way do you plant a peach seed?

A peach seed - known as the pit - should be cut open. Take the stone out and wash it in water. After that, you'll have to refrigerate it for eight weeks before you actually plant it in soil. This is a natural process that can't be avoided, as your peach won't grow without it. To plant it, just put it in an inch of soil and water it plentifully.

How long can you keep a peach pit before planting?

It's best to put the peach pit in the refrigerator as soon as you take it out of the fruit. Even though stones are relatively protected in the pit, they can't wait for too long. However, if you refrigerate the stone, it can stay in the fridge for up to 3 months.

How wide is a peach tree?

That depends on the variety. Full-size peach trees are impossible to grow indoors because they're too large, but dwarf varieties should grow indoors without any trouble.

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