How Long To Grow Pot Indoors

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Wondering how long to grow pot indoors? If the pot is legal in your country, you could be growing pot indoors without any problem.

Recreational cannabis is legal in many countries such as Canada and Washington, D.C., including ten states. Albeit the expanded legalization has resulted in the proliferation of various new ways of pot consumption, the process of growing pot still requires a lot of time and effort.

So how do you grow pot indoors? How long will it take to grow? How can you keep it alive? For sure, these are the questions that are bugging your mind right now. So let’s dig in and find more information about growing pot indoors.

Do You Know How Long to Grow Pot Indoors?

Growing cannabis inside your home is as laborious as growing it on large plantations. Normally, it takes 8 weeks to 7 months to grow them. Sometimes, it can even take a year depending on how well you take care of them and the availability of resources for growing healthy pots. This includes the process of setting up, cultivation, and preparation for harvest. The following are the different stages of pot development.

  • Germinating: 1-7 days
  •  Seedling: 2-3 weeks
  •  Vegetative: 2-8 weeks
  •  Pre-Flowering: 1-2 weeks
  •  Flowering: 6-8 week
  •  Harvesting

How Long Will A Pot Plant Live Indoors?

 How long does it take to harvest indoors?

The general understanding of the average lifespan of plants grown indoors is 2-5 years. However, the lifespan of your plants depends on the type of plants grown indoors.

Unlike humans or creatures, houseplants don’t normally pass on at a specific age or because of development. There are a few plants, however, as united desert flora that have a more limited life expectancy due to being two separate plant fragments melded. Most plants kick the bucket due to outside factors including care, ecological circumstances, and the season.

As for pot, it is an annual plant so it grows and dies with the season. But you can always get the cuttings so you can replant them. In order to keep the plant alive after harvest, you must carefully remove the buds and not the leaves. Leave the foliage because if you take all the kolas, it will die eventually. 

How Long Does It Take To Harvest Indoors?

It may take a while before you can harvest your marijuana indoors. You may need to wait for 8 weeks or more granting that you are only growing 1-3 pots indoors. When growing pots indoors, you need to be careful of spider mites and mealybugs. The humidity level indoors may not be good for your marijuana and makes it prone to pests.

 how long to grow pot indoors

How To Grow Pot Indoors?

Pots growth is made up of a series of stages. If you want to plant pots indoors, you can choose either starting from seeds or cloning them. Cloning pots is probably the easiest since you only need to take cuttings and replant them. 

 First, you need a clean space where you can cultivate your plant. You can choose to start with 1-3 plants in a pot. Take note of the inherent risk of pests and contaminants, which cannabis is prone to. Hence, it’s a good idea to clean your indoor garden at least twice a week.

Expose to a daily dose of sunlight. But if you don’t have time, a grow lamp or a heat lamp will save your day. Light is important for cannabis to grow beautiful leaves. Moreover, you will need a space where it can get some air. An airy place will help deter mealybugs and spider mites from your cannabis plant. Give it some watering as soon as the soil gets dry. 

Moreover, it is important that you use organic soil. IT helps provide the nutrients needed for your cannabis to grow healthy and leafy. You know your pot is ready for harvesting when they start to get swollen. Your plant should grow tiny buds, which you can pick so the mother plant can still be utilized for propagation 

What Pots Are Good For Indoors?

If you’re a first-timer in planting pots indoors, it is best that you know the best varieties to grow indoors. This helps you give a little shortcut to having the best produce.

 How long will a pot plant live indoors?

1. Skunk Automatic

This pot strain is a simple decision that is ideally suited for novices. It has feminized and auto-blossoming seeds to guarantee bother-free development. The Sensi Skunk Automatic requires no cultivating abilities to obtain helpful outcomes.

The auto-blooming part makes the plant blossom without lighting cycle changes. The principal buds will create on these brambles within five weeks. You can collect the following 50 days overall.

2. White Widow Auto-bloom

As an Indica crossbreed, this strain has a more significant level of THC. This strain has a similar auto-blossom element, which makes it quite easy for beginners. It takes most of the light administration trouble away from you.

White Widow’s blooming cycle is sensible in light of its cross-breed nature. It takes around seven to nine weeks. Contrasted with different strains, it’s less touchy as it develops utilizing standard circumstances.

 how to grow pot indoors

3. Blue Dream

If you like Sativa strains, Blue Dream is an ideal decision. It’s a Sativa-predominant cross breed taller than most normal indoor plants. It makes them ideal for specific establishing strategies.

The Sativa plant’s yield is better than expected. It has a short blossoming cycle that goes on for 65 days. Its normal yield is 21oz per square meter under ideal developing circumstances.

4. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

The Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most well-known strains in dispensaries today. Its super variation works on its abilities. It’s an Indica-prevailing strain with a more drawn-out blossoming time, generally ten weeks.

This strain is very easy to propagate. Indeed, even as an amateur, you’ll make some simple memories developing this as it’s impervious to illness and contamination. Young lady Scout Cookies is tough and stocky, making it an ideal contender for indoor development.


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