A Smart Guide On Growing Yerba Mate Indoors

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So you’re growing yerba mate indoors? Yerba Mate is an evergreen tree that naturally grows in South America. It is a member of the Holly Family, which usually grows up to 10 meters high. Sometimes, they can become towering trees when grown in the wilds.

The good news is that growing Yerba Mate indoors is quite possible. You can train these caffeine-infused leaves to become bonsai so you can keep them indoors. Since the leaves of these trees have caffeine, you can brew like them like tea or coffee.

The extract from the leaves was first consumed by indigenous people in Paraguay called Guarani. Nowadays, it is produced in various areas in Brazil and Argentina. Because of its unique taste, it has grown in popularity all over the world.

Step By Step Instructions On growing Yerba Mate Indoors

Also known as Alex paraguayensis, the Yerba Mate can flourish in the right conditions. However, it will not be fit for each garden. It is used to a tropical climate, which is why the ideal yerba mate temperature is warm.

It’ll do well in pots on your windowsill. However, don’t try to develop it in your nursery in case you’re in a dry environment or you experience harsh winter conditions.

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If you have an extremely obscure nursery, the Yerba Mate won’t be the most ideal plant for you. It does best in full daylight yet can likewise adapt to fractional shade if the temperatures are correct.


The Yerba Mate plant inclines toward a rich, loamy. However, make sure that they will drain well. Purchase a pot that can hold dampness as well even though the soil needs to drain faster


Your Yerba Mate needs reliably clammy conditions, and you shouldn’t allow the dirt to dry out. This isn’t a dry spell open-minded plant!

Temperature and Humidity

The Yerba Mates likes to be warm. It’ll possibly flourish if the temperatures stay over 60 degrees F for the majority of the year. It can endure somewhat lower temperatures, however, this ought to just be for brief periods.

If winter temperatures go under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, this could kill your plant.

The plant prefers muggy and soggy weather. It can endure moistness levels down around 50%. However, it cannot survive in overly dry environments.

Propagating Yerba Mate Indoors

When you decide to propagate yerba mate indoors, you should have a semi-wooden and mature cutting in the late summer. Prepare a rooting hormone and dip them in it before planting them in the soil. This helps the cuttings grow roots faster.

growing yerba mate indoors can be quite challenging. Especially when you grow it through the cuttings, it takes it longer to root it successfully. This is why you need to choose cuttings from mature trees and already-established plants. 

Should I Prune My Yerba Mate?

The quick answer is yes. When growing yerba mate indoors, pruning is necessary for healthy growth. Cutting it will help control its growth including the growth of the leaves. If you don’t cut or prune it, its leaves can grow outward. 

You can retain a lower shrub shape by pruning your Yerba Mate. Otherwise, it will continue to grow as tall as 10 meters high.

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Growing Yerba Mate Seeds

Unless you have the perfect climate, growing Yerba Mate can grow in containers indoors. All you need is a great pot, a good spot for sunlight exposure, and moisture. Since they grow out and up, you need to prune them regularly. This helps prevent them from growing too tall or too wide.

Growing yerba mate seeds is quite daunting as they need to be planted quickly after harvesting. The goal I to prevent them from losing their ability to germinate. Even with the right timing and conditions, success isn’t guaranteed. Yerba Mate seeds aren’t readily available in garden centers. You will need to purchase them from reputable online seed sellers.

When buying seeds, they will have to go through a cold stratification process. But the germinating capability is reduced. That means you won’t likely have 100% success at the first try of planting Yerba Mate seeds.

When planting yerba mate seeds, make sure to shelter them in a warm environment. Building a greenhouse would be ideal. During this stage, it is best to keep the seedlings out of harsh and direct sunlight exposure.

Where To Buy Seeds For Growing Yerba Mate Indoors

If you decide to grow Yerba Mate seeds, the best way to get them is through online stores, such as Amazon. One pack will get you around 10 seeds. Your pack will come with labels and guides on how to plant the seed.

It will be easier to buy a pre-cultivated Yerba mate plant. But since it is not readily available in the US market or your local nursery store, you need to purchase eat online.

The yerba mate plant is considered a rare plant in many countries throughout North America, which is why it can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, the price is generally between $10 to $35 contingent upon the size of the plant. But if you think about it, it is just a small investment to have an unlimited supply of Yerba Mate in the years to come.

Growing Yerba Mate Indoors Tips

When growing Yerba Mate indoors, you have to remember the following tips. 

  • The Yerba Mate Tree is native to tropical countries. This is why it is important to keep in a warm environment. 
  • Water them frequently but do oversoak the cuttings with water. You have to frequently monitor the soil whether it has become bone dry. Even though these plants love the tropical weather, the key to having a healthy Yerba Mate tree is to keep their soil moist.
  • Prune regularly. Since Yerba Mate trees can grow 10 meters tall, you have to train your indoor plant to grow slowly. Pruning them regularly will encourage the stem to grow gradually. It helps them to stay at a small size so they can be fit inside your home. 

There you go, we hope you enjoy our blog today. Want to learn more about growing trees indoors? You may also want to learn on how to grow Clementine trees indoors, feel free to check it out.

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