Growing Sweet Peas From Seed Indoors; The Hidden Secrets Of Excellent Gardeners

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Have you ever thought about growing sweet peas from seed indoors? Keep reading and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

When we see a sweet pea plant, it takes most of us back to childhood and reminds us of the beautiful and lush gardens maintained by our grandparents. There are almost no annual flowers that have such a lasting appeal that sweet peas have.

If you are thinking of growing sweet peas from seed indoors, keep reading and find out all the details that guarantee success.

About The Sweet Peas

Sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus) is an annual plant that comes from the pea family (Fabaceae). Due to its very similar appearance, sweet pea is sometimes confused with the related everlasting pea (Lathyrus latifolius), which is grown as a perennial species.

Did you know that there are hundreds of species of sweet peas? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? All these species are grown either as garden ornaments or commercially for the flower industry.

This plant has a vine-like stem that is 4–6 feet long (1.2–1.8 meters) and leaves with two oval leaflets and a terminal tendril. As for the most beautiful part of this plant, the flowers, they are borne in clusters consisting of up to 12 individual blooms.

They are most often white, pink, red, purple, or violet, and depending on the variety can be up to 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter. Also, not all species have the same number of petals, so we distinguish flowers as semi-double or double, with 10 petals or more.

Finally, we must also look at the edibility of sweet peas. Namely, it is not suitable for growing if you have small children or pets nearby, as eating the seeds or flowers may cause stomach upset.

growing sweet peas from seed indoors

Instructions For Growing Sweet Peas From Seed Indoors

Sowing seeds and then caring for an established plant is not difficult at all. It is suitable for everyone, even for beginners who are taking their first steps in the garden.

Material Needed For Growing Sweet Peas From Seed Indoors

As for the material, you will need:

  • Potting Soil,
  • Container,
  • Lightning,
  • Inoculate (optional).

Since seeds and then germinated seedlings are quite sensitive, it is recommended to use a sterile soil medium. Such a sterile medium is generally free of any harmful microbes and bacteria that could damage your plant.

As for containers, a 5-gallon bucket or another container of similar size is most often used. Lighting is also one of the more important parts that you should never neglect. Feel free to use regular shop lights with 40 W fluorescent bulbs to encourage the growth and development of your sweet pea plant.

The last part is optional and depends entirely on your preferences. If you want to help your pea get started, include inoculation. However, this step is not necessary and can be ruled out if you add some nitrogen at the beginning of the process.

Do sweet peas need light to germinate?

The Process Of Planting Seeds

As for planting, it is recommended to soak the seeds overnight to soften and thus help germination. In addition, you can even lightly incise the outer shell with a nail file. This will certainly be of great help and can bring many benefits as well.

  • First, fill the container you have intended for this purpose with potting soil.
  • Then, insert one sweet pea seed per container into the potting soil at a depth of about 1/2 inch, and cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. You can even plant two seeds in one pot, but keep in mind that their long roots tend to tangle and can make separation difficult.
  • When you notice that they have started to develop their beautiful and delicate leaves, it is time to transplant them into larger pots.

This is where the planting process ends, and then the process of caring for and growing sweet peas from seed indoors begins.

In Conclusion

Sweet peas are synonymous with heavenly fragrance and old-fashioned simplicity. This beautiful plant has been an indispensable member of the late Victorian garden for decades. We can confirm with certainty that this is still true today. Peas have numerous fans around the world precisely because of their variety of colors and sweet fragrance.

One of the tricks to encourage continuous flowering is to cut a bouquet for your home. Feel free to cut these little vining flowers every day and enjoy their appearance and pleasant smell.

Did we encourage you to finally start thinking about growing sweet peas from seed indoors? Let us know in the section below!

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How Long Do Sweet Peas Take To Germinate Indoors?

Depending on the soil temperature as well as other general conditions provided by your indoor space, the germination of sweet peas can take between 7 to 15 days.

Do Sweet Peas Need Light To Germinate?

Just like most other plants, sweet peas also need a good light source.

When grown indoors, it is recommended to locate by the window. However, you must be careful to avoid direct and strong daylight, because in this case, you must be aware that you risk damaging your plant. On the other hand, the good thing is that you don’t need to be afraid of lower night temperatures. They will not damage your plant.

Also, in the absence of sun, you can use supplemental growing light.

How Tall Do Indoor Sweet Peas Grow?

Sweet peas come in a huge array of colors and patterns, so it’s no surprise that it also comes in a wide range of heights. Most of them grow to a height of 5 or 6 feet. However, if you are a fan of the lower ones, you can always choose some sweet pea species that are “bush type”. Such shrub species are also best suited for growing indoors from seed.

Should You Soak Sweet Pea Seeds Before Planting?

This step is optional but highly recommended. Therefore, if you are interested, soak the seeds in water for 24 hours before sowing. This will soften the seed coat and greatly speed up the germination process.

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