Growing Succulents Indoors From Seed?

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Growing succulents indoors from seed may not be the most common way to propagate succulents. But it is absolutely possible. If you are one of the individuals who want to grow succulents, then you could try this technique. 

So how do grow succulents from seeds? In this article, we will walk you through the different procedures and tips in successfully growing succulents from seeds. 

When growing succulents indoors from seed, you can expect 50 to 60 percent of the seeds to die. But after a few months, you may see some of them growing. While it can be challenging and time-consuming to grow succulents from seeds, you will get by as time goes by. 

Now, let’s get the ball rolling and learn a thing or two on how to start succulent seeds. 

What You Need When Growing Succulents Indoors From Seed?

  • Shallow planting trays. Choose w planting tray at a maximum of 4 inches deep. Your pot must have drainage holes in the bottom. Since you are growing succulents from seeds, you would want to select the best planting trays. Do not be tempted with cute planting trays without drainage. It can kill your succulents. 
  • Sand. Try horticultural sand or builder’s sand. Also add pumice or perlite. This special kind of rock can improve the coarseness of your sand. Moreover, they help drain the soil.
  • Potting soil. This is optional but there is no prohibition on adding some.
  • Succulent or cactus seeds. You can buy online. Just make sure you get them from legit succulent sellers.
  • Toothpick. We understand you might not use toothpicks when planting but you well when you’re growing succulents indoors from seed. 
  • Clear lid or plastic wrap for trays. You will use this to cover your planting tray after pouring the seeds. This helps protect them from flying off the pan. Note that succulent seeds are very small. Most of them would like soil as you blend them. 

how to start succulent seeds

The following are succulent varieties that you can easily grow from seeds:

  • Echeveria
  • Sedum
  • Aloe
  • Jade

Step-By-Step Guide When Growing Succulents Indoors From Seed

Buy your seeds

A tad of examination in this division pays off. Search for the variety of grown-up plants you need to wind up with. Afterward, consider germination time (during which you should give close consideration to dampness levels) and the environment to track down the best one for you.

Ensure you are purchasing from a trustworthy seed merchant. Take note that there are a lot of ill-conceived providers out there. First, look at the feedback. A common way to tell whether the seller is legit is to see some positive feedback. You need to weigh the number of good feedback bad ones. 

Blend Your Growing Medium 

If you want to learn how to plant succulent seeds, you should also understand the medium. There are many recommended mixes for the potting soil. But based on experience, we always find pumice or perlite mixed with gardening soil to be the best.

Pumice helps drain the soil and maintain coarseness. There are also succulents that prefer perlites over pumice. You have to do a little research on which seeds you’re picking.

 Some propose plant sand just, others a blend of gardening soil and sharp sand, pumice, or perlite. The sum you’ll need will rely upon the proportion you choose to utilize, the size of your planting plate, and the number of plates you are utilizing. 

how to grow succulents from seeds

Sowing Succulent Seeds 

Succulent seeds are tiny. So you will need to do this progression in a protected region where the breeze will not blow them away. Hose the outside of the dirt so the seeds adhere to the dirt. Carefully spread the minuscule seeds over the outside of your dirt blend, giving them some space in the middle of one another. 

The space between will rely upon the succulent variety you’re planting. Remember their developed size while taking into account how far separated you will need to space them.) Use a toothpick to tenderly spread them around. 

In case your plate is partitioned into cells, put a couple of seeds in every cell. Try not to cover the seeds with soil.

Watch Them Grow 

Contingent upon the succulent variety, your plants might take three days to half a month to start developing. You should also consider giving the proper temperature, and daylight.

Some might even require a while to a year to develop. So do your examination when purchasing your seeds to expect developing time. Once your seedlings arise, take the top off during the day to keep them ventilated. 

Replanting Succulents 

By and large, it’s an ideal opportunity to eliminate your young succulents or desert flora from the planting plate when their size is developed enough that they will not be harmed by dealing with and relocating. 

Try not to surge this interaction, however: It’s smarter to keep them in a more restricted region a bit longer than needed than to evacuate them before they’re prepared. Normally, it’s an ideal opportunity to replant following a half year or somewhere in the vicinity. 

how to plant succulent seeds

Plant Care 101: What to Do After Growing Succulents Indoors from Seed

Really focusing on succulents and prickly plants is extremely simple when you realize what you’re doing. Each plant type favors various things, however, so by and by knowing what variety you need to guarantee the best consideration. As a rule, succulents love light, yet not in every case direct daylight. 

Also, with light comes heat, so consider temperature and how rapidly water may dissipate while picking a permanent spot for your plants. Turn your plants so that all sides get sufficient light. An inclining plant may be a pointer that needs more daylight.

Planting succulents can be challenging from the very beginning. But with some guidance, you can slowly get around with it. 

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