Is Growing Kudzu Indoors Advisable?

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Are you growing kudzu indoors? These vines might look weird at first but if you give them proper care and landscaping, you can grow beautiful kudzu vines indoors. Generally, we do not recommend growing this indoors but if you choose to do so, we will give you some tips. So, what is kudzu?

Kudzu is part of the Pueraria Montana family. They are evergreen plant that is commonly used as an annual or ornamental plant. They also have medical uses and are good at fixing nitrogen. They can grow in temperate, subtropical, or Mediterranean climates. However, they can also grow in hardiness one 5-11. 

Kudzu plants do commonly have purple bear flowers. Their flowers grow on spikes. Surprisingly, the roots are edible and you would see them normally in white with brown peel. The lobes are round.

Kudzu is a quick ranker, which can be around 10-12 m tall/wide. He is exceptionally vigorous and solid to about – 10 ° C and can be planted the entire year if the rootstock is shielded from ice by mulching more noteworthy. The great inflorescences are about 20cm long, stand up and smell unequivocally of vanilla

Clear in demeanor, ideal as a compartment plant. Over time reasonable for outside applications in an ensured area.

Expert Tips on Growing Kudzo Indoors 

Pick a planting location that is away from buildings and trees. Since you are growing kudzu indoors, you would want to select a wide pot. They can grow wide and up, so we suggest that you have a skeletal shape on the pot.

You can choose a different skeletal shape for decoration purposes. This shape will be used as their guide for growing. So if you have a Christmas Tree shape, then you can grow your kudzu this way. Kudzu can grow at least 1-foot per day even if you put it inside. The vines can grow 100 feet long.

 how to grow kudzu

That means kudzu will be a great option for homeowners with wide interior space. The following are some tips you can follow:

  • Prune the kudzu every day to control its growth.
  • You cannot allow it to grow lavishly especially if you have a small space inside.
  • Moreover, it can entice insects to live in the leaves.
  • Water when necessary.
  • Always check the pot for other pests and insects.
  • Pull some weeds if there are any.
  • Remember that kudzu can quickly grow so you have to keep it in shape.
  • Do not put it near the stairs or your walls as it can easily climb.
  • Make sure that you trim the kudzu according to the shape all the time.
  • Avoid water logging.
  • Growing kudzu from seed is easy and available all year round.

Growing Kudzu Indoors Gone Wild

If your kudzu has gone wild indoors and has covered many of your spaces, then it is a serious problem. Maybe you went on vacation and came back to witness your kudzu taken over your yard. In this case, you have to pay close attention and remedy the problem immediately.

Before applying any sort of blanch blend, cut back or consume the plants. Clemson’s Kudzu Eradication Guidelines suggest consuming the patches of kudzu throughout the spring season when the plants initially begin developing. The controlled consumption eliminates the more modest plants and kills the crisp posterity of the plant.

If you pick cutting, cut back the kudzu until it is a couple of creeps off the ground. Slice through the more elevated levels and discard the leftover kudzu plants before treating the plant.

Fun Facts About Growing Kudzu Indoors 

 grow vines indoors

Kudzu Facts

Here are some facts that you might want to know about this fun plant.

  • Kudzu is a fast-growing vine that naturally grows in China and Japan.
  • It was introduced to the United States in the late 1800s as fodder for livestock and to prevent soil erosion.  
  • It can grow at least 1-foot per day.
  • It is extremely fast-growing.
  • There is a great blanket of kudzu when you pass by the roads of Georgia, Alabama, or Mississippi.
  • Sometimes, these plants can look creepy especially when they have grown wild and vast.
  • A rich blanket of kudzu could look like those in horror movies.
  • It can cover large areas of land, trees, and abandoned buildings.
  • Kudzu is not normally a homegrown fellow.
  • It is not even ideal for interior growth.
  • But many people chose to grow it, amid the creepy vibe it sends because of its medical effectiveness for minor maladies.
  • Kudzu is almost extinct in some parts of China due to deforestation.
  • People in China also harvest them to treat some diseases.
  • They are also used as herbal plants by many native Chinese.

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Why do People Want to Grow Kudzu Seeds?

As you can see, kudzu is not very much attractive. Like many succulents and other flower-bearing plants, kudzu is wilder. It’s even hard to control their growth because they do flourish wherever you put them. So why do people want to grow kudzu seeds?

Kudzu has been utilized as a type of disintegration control and to upgrade the dirt. As a vegetable, it builds nitrogen in the dirt through a cooperative relationship with nitrogen-fixing microscopic organisms. Its profound taproots additionally move significant minerals from the dirt to the dirt, consequently working on the dirt.

 Moreover, kudzu is fun. Since these are vines, you can choose a shape that you want them to follow. For example, you can DIY an animal shape. It can be a horse, a big rabbit statue, or a flamingo. Just plant your kudzu in a big and mount your shape. In a matter of weeks, you can see the kudzu taking the direction of your shape.

It makes your environment fun especially if you have a huge backyard. It adds ornamental value to your lawn or interior. Given the proper, kudzu could look great in any house.

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