Growing Feverfew Indoors

Growing Feverfew Indoors

Growing feverfew indoors is an absolutely great idea especially if you are trying to find something that interests you while you’re homebound. Feverfew plants are a family of the chrysanthemum. They are also known as feather few or featherfoil. Many call them bachelor’s buttons because they are used to treat a lot of medical conditions. … Read more

Growing Sweet Pea Flowers Indoors

Growing Sweet Pea Flowers Indoors

So, you’re planning on growing sweet pea flowers indoors. Sweat pea is a popular plant. It is an annual flower that you can see usually in a cutting garden or border garden. These plants are naturally outdoor plants but it is fine to take them indoors. The variety of colors of this lovely plant can … Read more

Growing Grass Indoors For Rabbits?

Growing Grass Indoors for Rabbits

So you’re growing grass indoors for rabbits? Well, this might be possible. Owning some rabbits can be truly rewarding. Rabbits can bring happiness and they are very friendly.  Moreover, having your own grass garden for your rabbits will help you save from buying commercial rabbit foods. Since rabbits are herbivores, you won’t have to worry … Read more

Growing Vandas Indoors: The Beginner’s Guide

Growing Vandas Indoors

Growing vandas indoors can be a great hobby. Especially now that everyone is still under heightened restrictions due to the pandemic, this could be a beautiful pastime. Vanda orchids are evergreen. They have beautiful flowers that are very irresistible.  However, vanda orchids also love bright sunlight all year-round. Take note that vandas are usually grown … Read more

Growing Portulaca Indoors Successfully

Growing Portulaca Indoors

Growing portulaca indoors successfully? Today on the blog we are going to reveal some secrets on how you can do it perfectly. Portulacas are one of the most beautiful, dainty flowers in the world. They are very easy to grow. Most of the portulacas are grown indoors. Like vines, they can spread out and grow … Read more

Is Growing Kudzu Indoors Advisable?

Growing kudzu Indoors

Are you growing kudzu indoors? These vines might look weird at first but if you give them proper care and landscaping, you can grow beautiful kudzu vines indoors. Generally, we do not recommend growing this indoors but if you choose to do so, we will give you some tips. So, what is kudzu? Kudzu is … Read more

Growing A Cherry Tree Indoors

Growing a Cherry Tree Indoors

So, are you growing a cherry tree indoors? Cherry trees are lovely, especially when they have grown. These trees are hardy to USDA zone 5, which means they can grow during harsh winter. That is why you still can see cherry trees in their most beautiful state even during the cold season. In the spring, … Read more

Growing Mimosa Hostilis Indoors

Growing Mimosa Hostilis Indoors

So now you are thinking of growing mimosa hostilis indoors? Well, a lot of people have been intrigued about growing a mimosa in their homes. Naturally, mimosa hostilis plants are outdoor trees. The towering plant is hardy, drought-resistant, and disease-resistant. It can grow from seed. What makes it unique is that it is not fussy. … Read more

The Key To Growing Gardenias In Pots Indoors

growing gardenias in pots indoors

Are you thinking of growing Gardenias in pots indoors? There is no question gardenia is one of the best plants you can have inside your home. Besides they are beautiful, they have an intoxicating fragrance that makes you love them even more. Why Growing Gardenias in Pots Indoors is Irresistible? These plants are irresistible. They … Read more

Growing Avocados From Seed Indoors

Growing avocados from seed indoors

Growing avocados from seed indoors are not at all impossible. We have seen many homes with fruit-bearing trees in their homes and they look professional. Some households even have papayas growing in their kitchen. When growing avocadoes indoor, you need to steer clear from thinking they are huge trees. While avocadoes can grow big and … Read more