The Best Tips and Tricks For Growing Dipladenia Indoors

Growing Dipladenia Indoors

We have long and cold winter days ahead of us. Learn all about growing Dipladenia indoors and save it for the next flowering season. Dipladenia is an enchanting plant that originates from the South American tropical rainforests. Because of its flowers that bloom so abundantly, Dipladenia is an excellent plant for adding color to outdoor … Read more

Tips For Growing Sarracenia Indoors

Growing Sarracenia Indoors

Are you growing Sarracenia indoors? Sarracenia is commonly known as Pitcher Plants or Trumpet Pitchers owing to its weird pitcher shape.   However, it can be long-lived and easily planted indoors, which is why many households love to try planting them indoors.  But here’s the truth. Sarracenia plant can be long-lived or short-lived depending on the … Read more

Growing Rose Of Sharon Indoors

Growing Rose Of Sharon Indoors

Growing rose of Sharon indoors is quite possible. The reason why many gardeners love this succulent variety is the beauty it shows off. The large flowers are just very captivating. This succulent is often grown outdoors. However, if you want to take it inside, you can definitely do so. Don’t let the size of this … Read more

Growing Sweet Pea Flowers Indoors

Growing Sweet Pea Flowers Indoors

So, you’re planning on growing sweet pea flowers indoors. Sweat pea is a popular plant. It is an annual flower that you can see usually in a cutting garden or border garden. These plants are naturally outdoor plants but it is fine to take them indoors. The variety of colors of this lovely plant can … Read more

Growing Vandas Indoors: The Beginner’s Guide

Growing Vandas Indoors

Growing vandas indoors can be a great hobby. Especially now that everyone is still under heightened restrictions due to the pandemic, this could be a beautiful pastime. Vanda orchids are evergreen. They have beautiful flowers that are very irresistible.  However, vanda orchids also love bright sunlight all year-round. Take note that vandas are usually grown … Read more

Growing Portulaca Indoors Successfully

Growing Portulaca Indoors

Growing portulaca indoors successfully? Today on the blog we are going to reveal some secrets on how you can do it perfectly. Portulacas are one of the most beautiful, dainty flowers in the world. They are very easy to grow. Most of the portulacas are grown indoors. Like vines, they can spread out and grow … Read more

The Key To Growing Gardenias In Pots Indoors

growing gardenias in pots indoors

Are you thinking of growing Gardenias in pots indoors? There is no question gardenia is one of the best plants you can have inside your home. Besides they are beautiful, they have an intoxicating fragrance that makes you love them even more. Why Growing Gardenias in Pots Indoors is Irresistible? These plants are irresistible. They … Read more

Tips On Growing Dianthus Indoors Successfully

Growing Dianthus Indoors

Now that you’re here, we guess you’re growing dianthus indoors.  Today on the blog, we are going to tackle a very interesting topic – growing dianthus succulents indoors. Dianthus flowers are beautiful and good-looking. They are also called “pinks” because of their pink flowers. Dianthus are part of the carnation family. They have spicy fragrances … Read more