Can You Grow Sugar Cane Indoors

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Can you grow sugar cane indoors? For sure anyone of you has seen hectares of sugar cane lands. And by saying sugar canes, it’s something planted together in bulk. While sugar is a thing that is found commonly in our homes, you don’t usually see sugar canes planted indoors.

But can you plant sugar cane in a pot? Is there something like a sugar cane pot? Well, sugarcane belongs to the Poaceae family. It is a perennial grass and one of the tallest grass you can see.

Sugarcane planting is quite possible indoors. If you live in tropical or subtropical regions, you can plant sugarcane inside your own home using sugar cane pots.

Can you grow sugar cane indoors and what are the advantages?

You can grow sugar cane indoors. All you need to have is a sugar cane pot. You can even make a mini sugar plantation and have your source of sugar. Sugarcanes can also be eaten raw. In this article, we will help you learn how to grow sugar cane indoors. 

First, let’s discuss the pros and cons of growing them indoors.

 sugar cane pot


There are many positive benefits of growing sugarcane indoors.

  • Growing sugarcane in a sugar cane pot is easy. You can easily propagate them, and when you are ready to take on a big shot, you can even start your outdoor plantation. 
  • It looks cool because sugar canes are just like bamboo. The only difference is that they have longer leaves.
  • You can make a healthy glass of sugarcane juice from your own plant. If you have an automatic juicer, you can harvest your matured sugar cane and turn it into delicious juice. It’s healthy and beneficial for your body.
  • The interesting thing is that you can use them for making a good privacy screen to hide your activities indoors. 


There are a few negatives of growing sugar canes

  • The leaves of the sugar cane plant are sharp. Hence, you should be careful as you can get your hands or arms cut. They are also itchy so pruning is necessary. 
  • If you don’t have a lot of extra time, you may not find sugarcane planting a fun activity.  
  • Ants love sugarcane so you need to keep an eye on your plant.

So, can you grow sugarcane indoors? Absolutely yes! Now let the ball rolling and learn how to grow sugarcane indoors.

Can You Grow Sugar Cane Indoors In Pots?

Choose the right container for growing sugarcane at home.

  • Some 12 to 14 inches compartments are ideal. The width of the compartment ought to be as indicated by the number of plants you will fill in it.
  • You can likewise utilize a profound pot where you can undoubtedly grow two plants. Your pot has waste openings, recollect, weighty, and tall sugar canes require productive seepage. You can also use an enormous tub, barrel, or pail for developing various plants together.
  • Pick that indoor destination for your pots or compartments where they get full daylight and the temperature ought to be between 70 to 90°F.
  • It is recommended that sugarcane plants are not placed at the chimney and warming vents. These locations are prone to dry air, which can eventually kill your sugarcane plant.

Can You Grow Sugar Cane Indoors Using Seeds?

  • The fascinating reality is that the seeds of sugarcane are tiny in size. It isn’t hard to get the seeds of sugarcane, you can get them from any nursery or online store.
  • The initial step is enclosing the seeds with a paper towel. After that freeze them for a little while. This will assist with killing microorganisms in the seeds, you can likewise avoid this progression, it is discretionary.
  • Before establishing them, make it conceivable that the temperature of the seeds ought to be ordinary.
  • The following stage is planting the seeds in a plate or pot. Ensure your pot or plate will get adequate light so the seeds will develop without any problem. It is important to give base hotness to the plate so the dirt gets an appropriate temperature for growing.
  • Ensure that your seed blend is equally wet. So use a sprayer to make the dirt damp on the plate.
  • The germination season of seeds is 2 to 3 weeks.

Can You Grow Sugarcane Indoors Through Cuttings?

Can you grow sugarcane indoors through cuttings? The answer is a quick yes. But if you want to grow sugarcane indoors the quickest way, you need to plant it through the cuttings. Growing them through the cutting will yield to a plant that is more like the mother plant. 

In this method, you need stalks of immature cane. It must have two or more buds, which is called seed cane. Each of the bugs will germinate and start to produce a primary shoot. When the condition is favorable, they will continue to grow and become sugar canes.

 sugarcane planting

Here we go!

  • For growing sugarcane from cuttings, you want a youthful and solid 6 feet sugarcane. You can undoubtedly get it from a nursery or neighborhood cultivator.
  • Ensure the tail should be new and green and stalks are with 10 to 12 hubs.
  • Cut the sugarcane into two halves of 3 feet each.
  • Get a holder that is three to four feet wide.
  • Fill the holder with 3/4 brimming with the preparing combination. For better outcomes, you can utilize one section of peat greenery, one piece of sand, and one piece of the bark. Unadulterated natural fertilizer is additionally a possibility for giving every one of the fundamental supplements and dampness to the dirt.
  • Put every one of the cuttings evenly in the holder and cover it with a plastic sheet.
  • Eliminate the cover when you see your cuttings are created.
  • Assuming you don’t have an enormous compartment then you can slice the cuttings 5 to 6 creeps long. Ensure each cutting has no less than one hub.
  • Plant all the cutting separately in 12 inches pots. Put soil on the cutting and bury it at least 2 inches.
  • Recall the bud side of the cuttings will look up.

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