Can You Grow Kratom Indoors?

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Kratom is a plant with some opioid properties, prompting many people to wonder can you grow kratom indoors. Kratom has been used in traditional medicine, even though the FDA denies any therapeutic effects and it doesn’t recommend it for treating any sort of condition. However, if you still want to grow kratom in your home, in today’s article, we’ll be learning how to do it.

Kratom has been used in traditional medicine

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Basic Requirements

There are a few requirements that you’ll have to fulfill to grow kratom in your home. Firstly, these trees love sunlight, so you won’t be able to grow them if you don’t have enough sun. It’s usually impossible to provide it with enough sunlight indoors, so most growers need to buy indoor lighting to keep the trees well lit.

Because it’s naturally grown in rainforests, this plant needs soil with plenty of nitrogen (rainforest soil is very rich when it comes to nutrients). Keep the pH level between 5.5 and 6.5 – this is very important, so you’ll need to monitor soil acidity the entire time.

Then, we have water. Kratom is used to plenty of moisture (once again, it’s a rainforest plant), so you’ll need to water it plentifully. They most likely won’t need a pot with drainage holes because they’ll drink all the water up. Kratom needs you to pour water directly into the soil on a regular basis, but you also need to spray the plant to keep a high level of humidity.

The longer you read through this, you’ll become aware that growing it in a greenhouse is a much better option than growing it in a basement. This is also proven by the temperature, which can’t drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant is probably going to die if you let the temperature drop.

Lastly, you should really look up the laws regarding the legality of growing Kratom. Laws are different for every country, and within the USA, they’re different from state to state.

How To Plant Kratom?

As you can see, kratom is a very difficult plant to grow, and it doesn’t get any easier with time. You need to water it constantly, keep the humidity on a high level, and the temperature needs to be just right all the time. You also need to fertilize it regularly and keep a very stable acidity of the soil.

However, the nightmare of growing and caring for this plant doesn’t end there. When planting, you’re going to need to grow kratom from seed – seeds aren’t legal everywhere. Because of Kratom’s application as an opioid, there are many areas where you’ll just get arrested if you buy these seeds.

When it comes to the potting process itself, you really need to pick good soil. It usually follows the rule – more expensive is better. Soil rich in pumice is good for drainage, but since this isn’t important with Kratom, don’t waste your money on that.

Now, when you’re potting, you can put up to ten seeds in every pot. This is your safest bet since not all seeds will grow. Additionally, since Kratom can grow up to 10 feet (only in some instances – if you’re growing it indoors, it probably won’t grow that much), you really need to be mindful of space.

Pests and Illnesses

Kratom is one of the few rare species that really isn’t susceptible to root rot – these plants will drink all the water you throw at them. However, if you forget to water them – they’ll dry out quickly. Going on a ten-day vacation and not watering them simply isn’t an option.

When it comes to pests – Kratom is actually very evolved and there are very few insects that can actually harm this plant. It’s evolved its alkaloids to defend the plant against insects.

Is Growing Your Own Kratom Worth It?

The big question – given the legality of the plant, should you even bother yourself with planting it. The fact is, Kratom is illegal in many places, and it’s placed on watchlists in other places. Even if it isn’t illegal in your country and your state right now, it might very well be so in the future.

This is mainly down to the fact that Kratom can be used as an opioid with proven lethal consequences and the government won’t allow people to grow it because of the dangers. If used in the wrong way, Kratom is actually lethal, which is why safety measures are needed.

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What is a Kratom tree?

Kratom is a rainforest plant, originating in Southeast Asia, often used in alternative herbal medicine. However, Kratom also has opioid properties and acts as a drug-like stimulant, which is why its legality is often brought into question.

How tall are Kratom plants?

In the wild, Kratom can grow to be 10 feet-tall. This is very unlikely if you're growing it indoors, as these plants are restricted by the pot and the amount of water they get.

Is Kratom hard to grow?

Yes, Kratom should only be grown by experienced gardeners. It requires plenty of sunlight, water, moisture, and most importantly - a very specific level of acidity in the soil. These requirements are very difficult to fulfill indoors.

Is Kratom legal?

This depends on the country and the state you live in, but more and more countries are starting to enforce restrictions on Kratom and growing it on your own may not be legal in the near future.

Where does Kratom grow?

Traditionally, Kratom grows in the rainforests of South and Southeast Asia.

To Summarize

Kratom is a plant originating in Southeast Asia, but it’s now spread almost around the entire world. Today, you can grow it in your own home, but it’s a very difficult plant to grow because the growing conditions are very hard to achieve – it’s likely that you won’t be able to grow it if you aren’t an experienced gardener.

However, growing Kratom, in general, might be futile, because more and more countries are declaring it illegal because of its opioid effects. Because it might be fully illegal in a few years, growing Kratom could be useless (it actually takes more than a year to get to your first harvest, and it might be illegal by then).

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