Can You Grow Arugula Indoors?: 4 Easy Steps

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Many people enjoy growing vegetables in their gardens and arugula is no exception. So, can you grow arugula indoors? Fortunately, you can grow this leafy green not only in your garden but also indoors as well.

Arugula is a versatile and healthy vegetable that is great for sandwiches and salads. The great thing about arugula is that it is easy to grow, so it is a great choice for gardeners of all experience levels. It is great to grow indoors so you can enjoy it fresh any time during the year.

What Is Arugula?

Arugula is a cruciferous vegetable that is popular for its spicy, peppery flavor. It is a cool season crop that is fast-growing and is one of the most commonly grown leafy greens.

Arugula originates from the warmer parts of Europe, specifically Italy and along the Mediterranean, as well as Turkey and into western Asia. It is a member of the mustard family, also known as Brassicaceae, making it a relative to cabbage, broccoli, and kale.

Arugula tends to have a bolder flavor than other leafy greens which is why it is commonly used in salads and sandwiches. The tender leaves have a crisped stem and it is commonly eaten raw, though some people prefer to cook it. There are several different varieties of arugula that you can grow.

Is Arugula Easy To Grow?

Arugula is one of the easiest and most flavorful leafy greens you can grow. It grows best in cool temperatures as it can bolt if the weather gets too warm. It can be grown indoors year-round so you can enjoy its tasty leaves whenever you like.

Can You Grow Arugula In A Pot?

Arugula grows well when grown in a pot. As long as you provide a large enough pot with proper drainage it will thrive.

Arugula plants need a pot with a depth of six inches, though it should be wider in diameter than this. Clay pots are a good option for growing arugula.

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Can You Grow Arugula Indoors?

Arugula is a great plant to grow indoors, as it will thrive inside given the right conditions. It is relatively easy to maintain, so it is a great choice to start out with if you have never grown leafy greens before.

Arugula also doesn’t need tons of space to grow indoors, which is good news if you have an apartment. Its fast-growing cycle makes it a great choice for any gardener.

Prepare Seed Trays Or Containers

To get started, prepare a seed tray or container for your arugula. Add potting soil and then moisten the soil with a spray bottle.

Plant Seeds – Can You Grow Arugula Indoors

After preparing your seed tray or container you can move on to planting the arugula seeds. Create a hole that is about 1/4 inch deep and space the holes about one inch apart.

Add two to three arugula seeds per hole and then carefully cover them up with soil. Spray the soil after planting your seeds so that it is moist but not soggy.

Water Regularly And Place In A Sunny Location

Place your seed tray or container in a spot where it will get at least six hours of sunlight. A south-facing window is generally a good choice for growing arugula. Be sure to also water your arugula regularly to keep the soil moist.

If you do not have a good spot on a south-facing window to grow your arugula, you can use an LED grow light. Place the grow light about 18 inches above your plants at about 50-75% brightness. Leave the grow light on above your arugula plants for 10 to 14 hours a day.

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Can You Grow Arugula Indoors

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Once the arugula is a couple of inches tall you can transplant it into a container. Be sure to choose a container around six inches deep with a wider diameter, ideally eight inches or larger. Continue to grow your arugula in a sunny location and provide water regularly.

Arugula Care

Growing arugula indoors is a great option for any gardener as you can do it year-round. When grown indoors, you will have few arugula growing problems. This leafy green plant tends to be hardy and easy to maintain.


Arugula benefits from getting full sun, which is at least six hours of sunlight a day. While it can grow in partial sun, you want to try your best to provide at least six hours of sunlight a day. You can use an LED grow light to provide your arugula with light if need be.

Soil – Can You Grow Arugula Indoors

Arugula does best in loamy, nutrient soil that is well-draining. It prefers soil that is slightly acidic to neutral pH.


For optimal growth and flavor, arugula needs to be watered on a regular basis. Try to keep the soil moist but not soggy and water when the top inch begins to feel dry.

Temperature And Humidity

Arugula is a cool season crop so it does well in temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It can tolerate frost but will often bolt if the weather gets too warm. Arugula does not need high humidity and it can do fine in arid climates.


As long as you use a soil that is nitrogen-rich, you likely won’t have to fertilize your arugula plant. You can add organic compost to help improve the nutrients in the soil.

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Harvesting Arugula

Arugula is generally ready to harvest within four to seven weeks of planting. For best results, harvest your leaves when they are around three inches long. Ideally, you will want to eat the arugula immediately, but you can store it in the fridge for up to one week.

Harvesting Arugula

Can You Grow Arugula Indoors? Everything To Know

Arugula is a cold-season crop that is great to grow indoors. It is easy to grow and ready to harvest within just weeks of planting. As long as you provide your arugula with the right conditions it will thrive indoors.

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