Will Geraniums Grow Indoors All Year Round?

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Will geraniums grow indoors all year round? Absolutely!

If you love geraniums and you want to grow them indoors, we have some secrete to share with you. While geraniums are generally grown in outdoor environments, there are basic key requirements and care tips that you need to know to have lovely blossoms indoors.

Geraniums are vibrant blooming succulents. They are also long-living which is why they are a favorite for most homeowners who want to grow indoor gardens. Geraniums do not normally grow in cold, but you can keep them in a warm location. You will have them blooming and reblooming all year-round.

Geraniums are sometimes compared with African violets and Christmas cacti. The only difference is that the blooming period. These plants can grow perfectly in Hardiness zones 10 to 11.

Will Geraniums Grow Indoors Without Full Sun Exposure?

Picking the right variety of geranium, you need to grow is crucial for successful indoor gardening.

Will geraniums grow indoors even when there is a lack of full sun exposure? Again, the answer is yes. The following are Geranium care indoors. 

 geranium care indoors


Geraniums love the sun and wouldn’t fret soaking in daylight for extended periods. Consequently, if your room has a South or West confronting window, place them there. In any event, when developed inside geranium expects openness to guide the sun to flourish and sprout.

If you can’t keep the geranium close to a radiant window, use 40-watt supplemental fluorescent cylinder lighting. FIx it at 12 inches over the plants for at least 14 hours every day to help them develop.


Remember, the right soil is the key! Stay away from soil that hinders the waste openings. Try not to utilize garden soil, the surface of soil ought to be very much depleted and loamy.


Here comes the main part. Appropriate watering guarantees whether your geranium plant will live or kick the bucket. As we probably are aware geranium is a drought-tolerant plant. It doesn’t need standard watering. Water, just when the soil is not moist anymore. Keep away from overwatering!


Try not to put your geranium plants in cool, hot, or drafty spots. Geranium changes well to room temperature assuming that it is warm. In any case, during the day the temperature around 65 to 70 F and around 55 F around evening time are ideal.

How To Grow Geraniums Indoors?

Pick sound geranium plants from a close nursery. Pay attention to the colors of flowers you want and also to the kind. It is possible that the type of geranium you want to grow is not available in your region. The following are some varieties that you might want to consider when growing geranium house plants indoors.

  • Zonal geraniums or Common Geraniums. This variety usually has unique leaf markings. They have tri-colored leaves or silver leaves with white markings. The leaves are the main attraction for these plants but they can grow beautiful blooms in pink, red, or white.
  • Ivy-leafed Geraniums. This type of geranium is called Ivy because its leaves look very much the same. They are best grown in hanging baskets and window boxes because they can produce wonderful and dense blooms. When they bloom, they can fill a whole basket with flowers that will look stunning in windows and balconies, making it the perfect geranium house plant.  
  • Martha Washington Geraniums. This variety is another ideal geranium house plant because they are not tolerant to heat. That means, planting them outdoors might kill them. The best environment for them is indoors. You can plant them in containers to hang or place on countertops. They can make great decorations to corners in your home or to add contrast to your drywall. They produce beautiful flowers with a pink-red combination – or at least a combination of two colors. The flowers look more like the Hibiscus but a little smaller and denser.
  • Martha Washington Geraniums are very common, especially during the winter months. This is another plant you can grow indoors, especially during cold weather days. It is perfect for colder regions because of its tolerance to cold.

Common Problems With Growing Geraniums Indoors

Like growing other plant types, you may experience issues with growing geraniums indoors. However, these problems can be remedied right away. 

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Geraniums are native to desserts. That means, they can be sensitive when the soil is wet. Overwatering these lant may cause edema that results in small, corky cell production on the leaves. In this case, you have to reduce the watering frequency. Take note that the indoor plants don’t dry too quickly because of the lack of sun exposure. 

Botrytis Blossom Blight

This is a common condition for geranium during cool, damp conditions. This disease can cause the premature fading of flowers. Eventually, the flowers can die as soon as they start to fade. The solution is to provide good air ventilation. Once in a while, bring your plants outside for air.

Will Geraniums Grow Indoors – Common Insects to Watch out

Due to temperature and humidity levels, your geranium may be prone to insects indoors. The common insects in geraniums are mealybugs, caterpillars, mites, whiteflies, and aphids. To keep your plants safe from these pests, you can apply neem spray on the leaves. This will make your plants look clean and tiny. Neem spray is also a natural solution to keep plants safe from pest infestation. 

If you see that your plant is infested with insects, you need to make sure that you give the remedy right away. Brush the plants with soap and water to keep the insects away. If the other plants are already affected, you need to remove the infected plants. 

Save what you can and then replant them. This time, you may need to change the soil and clean the pot. Make sure that you have cleaned it thoroughly so the pests won’t come back. Will geraniums grow indoors? Absolutely yes! Now that you have a guide you can be more confident growing more plants indoors. 

 will geraniums grow indoors

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